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Comment I must be missing something (Score 0, Flamebait) 253

Wikipedia says that ARM's are 32-bit RISC processors from the stone age used in many mobile and embedded devices. Why on earth are these attractive for modern servers?

Even if you could get a thousand of these CPUs in one box and the energy consumption is less than a comparable Intel/AMD system, these are seemingly less capable processors.

Comment Re:Policing comments (Score 1) 484

Oh, dear. Does anyone else remember anonymous posting services for Usenet? We've had things like this happen before. Generally, the anonymizing services have safely ignored such rulings, but on occasion the police have shown up with search warrants for ridiculous and trumped up charges. (

It's a dangerous world out there. Hosting anonymous providers carries some legal risks, even if they're ridiculous and unexpected.

Comment Re:The Internet is less free... in Brazil. (Score 1) 484

Silly question, but if Google is responsible for anything anyone posts on Orkut in Brazil and Italy, then doesn't that mean that either A) Google needs to review every single post made for potentially offensive and/or injurious content or B) since that's unreasonable, stop offering those services in those areas entirely?

Given that Orkut is kind of the big social network in Brazil, maybe a "we have to cut service because it's technically infeasible to validate every post for anything that can be offensive and/or injurious to anyone" would get some light on the issue?

Comment Re:It's great (Score 1) 544

Then the article sounds like another case of "it's worse because it isn't the same".

Right on the spot. One day it would be nice to read a review of both systems written by someone that actually took the time to evaluate the strengths of both platforms.

Another thing that I wish *all* mobile phone reviewers would take into account as well is the *price* the phone+contract costs. Any other segment of hardware reviews understands that you need to evaluate the hardware against, among other things, price. On the phone market, people forget to account for contract pricing differences.

Comment Re:Details? (Score 1) 484

Either way, the mere fact that anonymous speech is forbidden should be attacked.
This effectively makes it impossible to have real free speech and the pressure should come from outside as, unfortunately, Brazilian citizens don't give a damn about this.

Keep in mind this can potentially affect all of you, as Brazil and BRIC countries in general are gaining momentum in the post-crisis economic scenario.

Comment Re:Details? (Score 1) 484

Yes, one of the posters here has pointed out that Brazil forbids anonymous speech, which I was not aware of when I made the submission*. However, Orkut requires you to sign in - unless there's some "anonymous coward" option I missed - so the poster must have supplied an email address that the Brazilian authorities could not or did not trace. How is that Google's fault? There are no magic wands, and this is still a blatant case of "shoot the messenger".

And regarding the Italian case, they didn't just fine Google, they convicted four Google employees - the second article I linked to goes into some detail, includes personal statements from two of those convicted, and also has this comment from a Google VP: "To be clear, none of the four Googlers charged had anything to do with this video. They did not appear in it, film it, upload it or review it. None of them know the people involved or were even aware of the video's existence until after it was removed." That's not just shooting the messenger, that's shooting the messenger's family and neighbours.

*(how does that even work?! do they fine the telephone company whenever somebody makes an anonymous call? do they arrest the owners of walls whenever somebody paints graffiti? it is like forbidding the tide from coming in or the sun from rising in the morning)

Comment Re:From what I've heard, it really is that bad... (Score 1) 673

I think the "explosive" type of volcano that can hurl concentrations of ash into the air is just one specific type.

In case the comments already posted on SlashDot haven't already convinced you, you are wrong. There are many types of volcano that can produce these hazards, and a single particular volcano can (and almost invariably does) change eruption style considerable during the course of a single eruption.

I am definitely not a volcanologist or a geologist.

I am (a geologist ; FGS, if you know what that means) ; for more information, look for another post (not yet written) in this topic.

Comment Re:If you don't like it don't buy it (Score 1) 240

People are easily confused into acting against their own best interests. The phenomenon is common in every large collective action. Happens every election cycle also with the fantastic reelection rates.

I can't understand how anyone...

Sure you can. It's plain old crowd psychology. Some people know how to work it.

Comment Re:lolwut? (Score 1) 156

Some say it doesn't... well at least 80% of the time (according to the (in)famous Standish Group report). ;-) I am so looking forward to seeing Bilski being told to get stuffed by the SCOTUS. I am also worried that the SCOTUS may twist this into something worse... "look on the bright side of life, da dum, da dum, da dum da dum da dum!"

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