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Comment: A Won Battle, an Indeterminate War (Score 2, Interesting) 747 747

Proponents of open video have potentially won a battle here, but I have to agree with the commenters that say that this may just push the content companies to add new controls elsewhere in the content ecosystem. For example, DTCP (and particular the IP-oriented DTCP-IP) is already widespread in newer "TV Anywhere" style devices. It may also have cryptographic weaknesses, but compared to HDCP it is even more closed and it is controlled by an independent cabal of corporations.

See Engadget's summary of the comments on the FCC's set-top-box competition proceeding for a sense of what is to come.

Meet the new boss.

Comment: Re:Aren't they available through FOIA? (Score 2, Interesting) 145 145

I don't understand why there is a paywall in the first place. I thought all government records should be available for free through a FOIA request.

They probably are, but FOIA is a long and timely process.

FOIA only applies to the executive branch.


+ - Open Source Court Records->

Pfhool writes: "A new project out of Princeton, called RECAP, seeks to publish all federal court records, which have traditionally been behind a pay wall, despite the congressional mandate to make them freely available to all. The Firefox extension automatically uploads public documents to the Internet Archive after users pay for them, because law is the operating system of society."
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