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Comment: Re: 1.6 ghz? (Score 1) 284

by Pezbian (#42772223) Attached to: Next-Gen Console Wars Will Soon Begin In Earnest

It seems mostly to be a matter of optimization of the code. If you're programming for a set platform like that, without having to double or triple dip, you're golden.

What I wonder about this AMD octopus is whether costly OOE will be left out like it was with the Power architecture chip used in the 360.

Then there's also the memory bandwidth of DDR3 versus GDDR5. Bandwidth is king. I've seen more computers fade into obsolescence for slow RAM than for lack of processing power. YouTube runs like ass on single-core Centrino machines now, for one example. It's the codecs doing it, but it has been the harsh reality with gaming for a long time.

Comment: I want reminders so I don't overcook stuff. (Score 1) 141

by Pezbian (#42765599) Attached to: Cooking Up the Connected Kitchen

Nothing ruins a movie night faster than overcooked or burnt food. Give me a way to have a reminder to check the pizza I'm baking pop up on my TV screen, laptop, phone, etc, for example. I can't hear the timer alarm from my home theater, let alone while I've got a movie playing at normal volume.

I don't have time to run an app on my phone and set a timer and name the timer when I've already set the machine that's doing the work.

Hell, give me an oven that will shut off and automatically start cycling in cool air from the room when the timer expires so my guests aren't stuck waiting for the food to cool to non-lethal temperatures.

Zigbee is pretty well established for this kind of stuff. The chips are cheap now. An extra $10 added to a $1000 range is kid stuff.

Comment: Passive exercise is effective (Score 2, Informative) 372

by Pezbian (#42568835) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Stay Fit In the Office?

Those yoga ball things used as office chairs seem to be effective. After a while, you don't feel like you're making any effort at staying stable.

I've seen recumbent bicycles used with custom desk solutions as well. Need plenty of cooling for that, though, and fans tend to be noisy.

Comment: What if you actually WANT and NEED to learn Math.. (Score 2) 1010

by Pezbian (#40811103) Attached to: Political Science Prof Asks: Is Algebra Necessary?

.. but got stuck between the balls and anus of public education, landing right square on the taint?

I was doing Trig since my Freshman year of HS due to Electronics courses, but the actual Math department stuff had me topping out at Geometry, which came before Trig in the curriculum pecking order, followed by Precal and Calc. I was busting out sine, cosine, and tangent three years before I was supposed to and ended up being marked down on my grade because of it.

The worst part is I missed some of the simple stuff due to the cookie cutter approach not being adaptable to my unique situation. I still don't understand "opposite operations" intuitively or otherwise.

"Show your work"... indeed. Goddamn drudgery when you can bash out a QBASIC program that solves it for you in maybe half an hour as opposed to staying up til 2AM only to fall asleep in class.

And then I'm told Calculus negates basically everything prior to it. I just end up glazing over the moment I see Greek alphabet most of the time.

There are secrets and keys to understanding hidden in all that shit. And I want to know it, but I'm left with only small pieces of the story with no clue what I'm missing or where to pick it up and fill in the gaps. It's incredibly frustrating and the shortcomings of the assembly line approach to education drive me bonkers.

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by Pezbian (#40810907) Attached to: Political Science Prof Asks: Is Algebra Necessary?

Of course they do... Most of them are completely incapable of logical reasoning. Much like in all social science fields, they compensate by hiding behind key thinkers in their discipline -- almost all of which, dare I add, were trained mathematicians or physicists.

And that... would be the joke.

He's dead, Jim.