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Comment Hmmmmm (Score 1) 351

Some of the more bizarre items I have been prevented from buying or even viewing on the US eBay (I am in Australia), have been a pair of Leitz binoculars and a Hewlett Packard stethscope (neither of which were invented by Americans ..... note the word invented).


"You've got a chart filling a whole wall with interlocking pathways and reactions to shock and the researcher says "If I can just control this one molecule/enzyme/compound I'll stop the whole negative physiologic cascade of post haemorrhagic shock." Yeah, right."


Submission + - Mobile 'phone use gender affected (

Petra_von_Kant writes: "BEWARE the chatty female driver having relationship troubles.

Research has found that while speeding is a weakness for young men, emotional phone conversations behind the wheel make women drive badly.

Macquarie University research found women were more likely to be distracted while talking on a mobile phone in the car, but less likely to be distracted by passengers.

The researchers then looked at how drivers handled different types of conversations. They asked male and female drivers a simple cognitive question — "What did you do last Tuesday?" — and then to discuss a moral dilemma."

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