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+ - SPAM: Law doesn't limit breaks employees can take

Submitted by Rhristop
Rhristop (3629811) writes "Taking two 30-minute breaks during the workday does not violate the law. It may, however, violate your employer's work rules and result in discipline or termination. The state of the law is clear on this point.

Although many states require employers to provide their employees a meal break and rest periods throughout the workday, neither federal law nor Arizona law has such a categorical mandate. An Arizona employer generally can require its employees to work a continuous shift without giving them a break."

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Comment: Re:American Wage Slaves are an Even Better Value (Score 1) 1313

by Perky_Goth (#42966987) Attached to: US CEO Says French Workers Have Three-Hour Work Day
Oh, God, that is so fucking true, and yet I read morons day in and day out say how lazy and entitled the common folk are, and how being able to fire at will and with no minimum wage is going to fucking solve every thing.

Meanwhile, companies are closing left and right and have no money to invest in anything, getting further and further behind everyone else.

Fuck all the idiots. Fuck the idea of respecting everyone's opinion, they're just fucking idiots.

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