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Submission Palm Frees up webOS Development->

Per Wigren writes: Palm has just announced a number of changes its webOS development platform that should really be welcomed by developers.

From TechCrunch: "The first is that they're allowing developers to fully distribute their apps via the web. What this means is that developers can simply submit their apps to Palm, and Palm will return to them a URL that they can then blog, tweet, do whatever they want to share it. When a person then clicks on that URL they can easily install the app, bypassing any kind of store. And while Palm is providing the URL, it is not going to be reviewing the apps in any way — a clear dig at Apple's approval process.
The next announcement is that Palm is waiving the $99 yearly fee it normally charges to developers to make webOS apps if those apps are going to be open source."

OS news notes that "This moves the webOS much closer to Android territory."

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Submission Nokia to license Qt under LGPL-> 1

Per Wigren writes: "Some exciting news on Qt Labs' blog this morning! "We have some exciting news we'd like to share with the free software community: Qt will be licensed under the terms of the LGPL version 2.1 with the upcoming Qt 4.5 release, in addition to our standard GPL and commercial licenses. We are also pleased to announce that we are going to open up the Qt source code repository and also make it easier for the community to contribute to Qt." Words cannot describe how good news this is for the Free Software community!"
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Submission 64-bit Adobe Flashplayer alpha released!->

Per Wigren writes: "Today is the day when hell froze over. Adobe Labs released an alpha version of a 64-bit version of Flashplayer 10 for Linux! According to the FAQ, they "expect to provide native support for 64-bit platforms in an upcoming major release of Flash Player". Coming up: Duke Nukem Forever."
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