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Comment: Re:can it get me home from the bar? (Score 1) 278

by Pentium100 (#47795857) Attached to: Hidden Obstacles For Google's Self-Driving Cars

What is I like driving? Actually, I probably could not sit in a driverless car for, say, half an hour with nothing to do. I cannot read while in a car because I get motion sickness if I am not watching the road, I also cannot talk to the driver (as I do now when I am in a car but not driving). And I can listen to music while I am driving just as well.

Comment: Re:My opinion on the matter. (Score 4, Interesting) 810

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Are you also using 'cat | grep'?

What's wrong with that?

It is more convenient for me, for example
cat /some/file/somewhere| grep something (hmm, didn't get what I wanted)
cat /some/file/somewhere| grep some (good)

If I do grep something /some/file/somewhere and and to edit my search string, I have to move the cursor further than in the cat|grep version.

Also, I sometimes replace tail with cat when looking at a log file
tail -n 2000 | grep (it wasn't here, let's look at the whole file)
cat | grep (found it)

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I would like a crank starter on my car as an addition to the electric starter of course. In some cases the battery is too weak to start the engine, but has enough power to operate the ignition, fuel cutoff valves and the field coil of the alternator. Sure, the car can then be push started, but that requires at least one other person and the car to not be at the bottom of a hill (it's difficult to push a car uphill). I could then crank start the car. It does not look lie adding the crank would have cost the manufacturer lots of money.

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Well, some music I listen to is in mono because it was recorded before the invention of stereo records. A stereo system can play both mono and stereo music well.

And I once had a 4.0 system and later found out that just using stereo did not reduce my enjoyment of movies at all. To me there is not that much point (to me) of surround sound if the image is not surround and is not interactive (hearing an enemy behind me in games is better though, but that can be achieved with stereo headphones).

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I have a "2.0" system - no need for a subwoofer if the main speakers can shake the floor.

Pretty much all music I listen to is either in mono or stereo and the system is primarily for music. Stereo for movies is good enough too (for me).

I don't care for 3D TV unless they start producing real 3D (a picture that looks different when looked at from different angles).

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Well, the criminal then gets to pay for the damage he caused to the car.

If something was stolen from me I would damn sure want to (preferably) get it back or at least get loss compensated. It does not matter that that something is not worth tens of thousands of dollars - it's still my money and my item.

Now, whether it is worth to the public - yes, most likely. While I would probably be OK with the government buying me an identical car after the cops refuse to recover the stolen one, the number of car thefts would increase. After all, if you steal a car that's cheap enough, the police won't chase you, so you get a free car.

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If we don't allow natural car-versus-pedestrian fatalities to punish stupid parents by killing their children, how will they ever learn?

The problem is that the child will dent the car that hit him, causing the driver problems. Even if the driver manage to prove that the child ran out unexpectedly (lets say they have a dashcam video that shows this), there is still going to be a trial costing the driver money and the money needed to straighten out the car. Not to mention the stress and psychological issues for the driver.

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In some cases yes. It all depends on the priorities and how much weight one assigns to various parameters. Efficiency is not the only feature of a car.

For example - I am willing to pay extra for fuel (since my car consumes more), to have a car that I can maintain/repair myself (mostly) and that to me looks better.

I have a CRT TV now (because it was cheap (used), shows analog SD content very well and can show 720p), but if I decide to get a newer TV, I will most likely buy a plasma because it has better image (even though the power it uses will cost me more than that of a LCD TV).

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I don't know. I guess if the police pulled me over I could explain that either 1) I waited at the light for 10 minutes so it must be broken (hopefully they will check it) or 2) I saw multiple other drivers ignore it so the light is most likely broken or if it;s not, then why I was the only one who was stopped?

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Cocaine was seem as a "black" drug, marijuana was "Latino", and opium was "Chinese".

My country is almost completely white. Usually the people with darkest skin around here are Jews (more common) or Muslims (less common). There are a few black people living here, but they are probably less than 1%. If I see a black person I usually think he's a tourist or on a business trip.

So what would be good evidence that at least one machine on a particular ISP subscriber's home network was connected to a swarm?

Well, somebody could produce a torrent app that signs the records and is verified to produce correct records. It that gets the app certified for evidence gathering, the police could use it to, well, gather evidence. It is usually assumed that a police officer would not intentionally alter the records.

If not, what is someone stuck at a red light for half an hour supposed to do?

I do not recall a rule that a red light can be ignored after x minutes, though I suppose it could be used as defense provided the light was actually broken (there should be repair records).

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