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by Pentium100 (#48464647) Attached to: Is LTO Tape On Its Way Out?

Do you *really* think that your $4000 LTO drive you got in the last 5 years can still read that thing?

My LTO-2 drive can read tapes recorded 5 years a go just fine. The cartridges themselves are older than 5 years though (bough them used).

SCSI interface? You mean 5 MHz SCSI-1? They haven't made cards compatible with that for over a decade.

With the exception of HVD, the latest and greatest Ultra320 SCSI is fully backwards compatible with 5MHz SCSI-1. I can connect an old device to a new HBA (need the connector adapter from 68 to 50 pins) as well as connect a U320 LVD device to the 5MHz HBA (still have one).

And my Verbatim brand CD-Rs recorded in around 2000 read with multiple errors. A few audio CDs will not play on a computer, but play on a LD player with very distorted audio. One CD-R (a presumably low run legitimate recording I bought) does not play at all. Thankfully I have the same album on cassette, it plays perfectly. I should probably record a new CD from that cassette.

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by Pentium100 (#48438891) Attached to: What is your computer most often plugged into?

I have four APC UPSs - Smart-UPS v/s 650, Smart-UPS 700, 2200, 3000. These are older models, 10-15 years old. They work fine, but all have one design problem - poor cooling.

Smart-UPS v/s 650 has no ventilation holes and get very hot inside, I use CSB HRL series batteries (longer life and higher discharge efficiency) and even they fail quickly. I solved the problem by drilling ventilation holes in the case and attaching a fan to one side of the UPS.

Smart-UPS 700 has ventilation holes but no fan. Attaching a fan made the batteries last longer.

The big UPSs have fans, but the fans only operate when the UPS is discharging or charging. It does not matter that the battery temperature is 40C or higher otherwise. I modified these UPSs to spin the fan at a lower speed always and at full speed during charge/discharge. Solved the short battery life problem.

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by Pentium100 (#48312395) Attached to: Shift Work Dulls Brain Performance

I am similar to the OP in that sunlight makes me want to sleep. I am better at night, but my work is standard 8-17, so I can do stuff at night only on weekends and vacations. The weird thing to me is that I can be sleepy all day, but when the night comes I no longer want to sleep.

However, I have solved the waking up problem, at least for me. I have created a playlist of a few songs (~30min in length) that starts out slow and quiet and finishes with a louder song. I set it to auto play 25 minutes before I need to wake up. The "turn off" button is 4 meters away from my bed. I sometimes wake up when song #1 is playing, sometimes during song #2 and sometimes on the second-to-last song, but I manage to wake up and not be tired or need coffee (I do not like coffee, I drink a lot of tea though). I guess the 25 minutes of music manages to "catch" me in a sleep phase from which it is easy to wake up.

Also, to accommodate my wish to stay up later and need to wake up early I get a 3 hour nap after coming from work (18:00-21:00), then stay up until 00:00, go to sleep and wake up at 05:45. During vacations I go to sleep at 14:00 and wake up at 22:00.

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Why would you go through all the effort needed to make a bomb out of water if you can use gasoline or (better) LPG for that? Those are already explosive and nobody is going to care why you are buying 60L provided it first goes into the fuel tank of your car.

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This. Every time I see a complaint that "some tool" makes it harder for "marketing companies" to send email I think that I should use that tool for my email servers if I am not doing that already.

Pretty much nobody wants to get spam and that includes the marketing emails, not just the regular "vi@gr@" and "Nigerian prince" spam. Pretty much nobody cares that you do honor the "unsubscribe" link, because a lot of others don't, so it is much easier to just tag your email as spam and hope to never see it again.

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