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Comment: Re:Same guy? (Score 1) 76

by Penguinisto (#49181565) Attached to: The Mexican Drug Cartels' Involuntary IT Guy

Whatever Hillary did/does is SOP throughout the entire system, which really is a series of cartels. If you want to flog the dead horse, knock yourself out. It will make no difference at election time.

...might make a difference in this case, considering that it was set up on the down-low (as opposed to a Hotmail/Yahoo freemail account). Also, you misspelled "primaries" up there, where it would make a pretty sizable difference. In elections, its impact would be in the timing of a big event surrounding it's disclosure or prosecution. ;)

What was the name of that movie where the doctor is kidnapped to deal with gunshot wounds?

Dr. Zhivago had that in the latter part of its storyline.

Comment: Re:Nah (Score 1) 76

by Penguinisto (#49181353) Attached to: The Mexican Drug Cartels' Involuntary IT Guy

Thinking that's the most likely outcome from my POV as well.

After all, if you're pressed into service as a "hacker", it wouldn't take much to discreetly slip information to the authorities, considering that most cartel types don't strike me as being technically uber-literate. Sure it would be a massive risk, but totally doable depending on the environment.

Comment: Re:scientific computing (Score 1) 92

by Penguinisto (#49181101) Attached to: Linux 4.0 Getting No-Reboot Patching

scientific computing. One of the weak points of OSX

I would have guessed that the high price per unit work for their proprietary hardware would be the limiting factor.

Not really - you can still buy old XServe boxes for a relatively reasonable price, pack them with RAM, and load ESXi on each one so that you can run a buttload of little OSX VMs on each one. Yes, it's perfectly legit to do exactly that under the Apple EULA (I did it for a former employer who wanted rack-mounted OSX instances for testing - it was its own little cluster in a vSphere farm, and it was far easier to clone off replacements or new VMs.)

Comment: Re:scientific computing (Score 1) 92

by Penguinisto (#49181069) Attached to: Linux 4.0 Getting No-Reboot Patching

If you have weeks long running jobs on your desktop you're doing it wrong.

Some of us cannot afford our very own personal render farm, or justify the cost of renting time on one, merely to satisfy our little hobbies. ;)

Personally though, it's not just work that keeps us from rebooting. On my part, it's usually a month or two between reboots on my MBP laptop, and even then patching is usually the only reason... why bother waiting for a full boot process to finish when I don't have to? Close the lid and let it go to sleep... it's only a few seconds waiting for it to wake up when I want to use it again.

Comment: Re:Classic Case (Score 1) 116

by Penguinisto (#49180917) Attached to: Technology's Legacy: the 'Loser Edit' Awaits Us All

One way to put a lid on this sort of behavior is to remove anonymity. It would solve a lot of problems, and it doesn't interfere with freedom of speech - you can still say what you want, you just have to own it, same as if you stood up in the public square and said the same things.

Thomas Paine would say you have a very bad idea there.

There are times when anonymity serves a greater purpose. If I lived in a predominately Islamic-ruled country and wanted to criticize the ruling class about their policies towards women, or introduce the idea that maybe Islam is not a good basis for a legal system, I damned sure would want to remain anonymous while doing so, lest I wind up getting imprisoned or whipped to within an inch of my life over the charge of "blasphemy" (yes, that's a thing in some places, and yes, it goes on even today.)

A better US-based reason? Leaks to the press. Leaks are what point us to uncovering crimes and misdemeanors by public officials. A historical example? Watergate's "Deep Throat". A recent example? Mrs. Clinton's little habit of accepting massive amounts of payola from foreign sources to her "charity" while she was Secretary of State. If it weren't for a leak to the press, no one outside of a few elites would know about it.

So no, m'dear - removing anonymity is not a good thing.

Comment: Re:Bad idea (Score 2, Insightful) 596

by Penguinisto (#49174531) Attached to: Snowden Reportedly In Talks To Return To US To Face Trial

However, you're not really going to be doing much better with the Russian government that the US government...

Won't have to... just work for a private company in some capacity. Even if it wasn't in tech, I'd rather be a lowly factory worker in East Bumfuck, Russia than a famous prisoner in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Comment: Re:Don't do it, Snowden! (Score 2) 596

by Penguinisto (#49174257) Attached to: Snowden Reportedly In Talks To Return To US To Face Trial

plus, well, russia is a shit-hole. who in their right mind would want to STAY there if you've known and grown up with better?

Compared to Club Fed (if you're lucky - Death Row if you're not)?

I'll take "Shit-holes I'd rather spend the rest of my natural life in since prison or death are the only other alternatives" for $1000, Alex!

Comment: Re:Bad idea (Score 4, Insightful) 596

by Penguinisto (#49174171) Attached to: Snowden Reportedly In Talks To Return To US To Face Trial

Thinking the same thing here.

I love living here and all, but damn - if I were a young single guy and my home country wants me imprisoned (or worse - probably worse) over uncovering illegal activities they committed?

Screw that - I could learn Russian easily enough, many of the women there are reportedly rather cute, vodka ain't that bad as far as booze goes, and I can easily deal with living in cold-ass weather 9 months of the year.

Comment: Re:Politics aside for a moment. (Score 1) 506

It's also rather difficult to discipline a child that would turn around and threaten the parent with a social services report for abuse.

I'm the oldest of eight... my youngest brother tried that stunt when he was 14; I was visiting at the time of the incident, and the little punk was acting out, thinking he was a badass (all of us boys did that, and we all learned the hard way that the old man will call your bluff without hesitation). Anyrate, the cops did indeed show up, and my old man told him exactly what happened, and then said "...and if he wants to go into foster care so bad, I'd love to drop him off into it right about now." The cop laughed. One of my sisters immediately chimed in and asked if she could have his bedroom after he leaves, and another offered to help him pack. I just sat back laughing my ass off, as my little brother's face turned rather pale.

Needless to say, the officer politely declined, and after he left, *everyone* looked at the poor kid like he just screwed up big-time. I offered to take the little guy out back and have a chat with him, and my father agreed (I was 24 at the time); 15 minutes later he was apologizing from the bottom of his very soul (though he still wound up grounded for two months).

Mind you this was in Arkansas, where you were practically allowed to beat your kids to within an inch of their lives if needed, so YMMV.

Comment: Re:Politics aside for a moment. (Score 1) 506

You kind of forgot the primaries there. ;)

During the primaries, I'm very sure that folks like Fauxcohantas (err, Elizabeth Warren), Cuomo, and at least a few other Democrat candidates are going to want a shot at the job, and the Clintons have a *huge* amount of bones in the closet for the other Democrat candidates to drag out and show off (...and I'm talking skeletons that got shoved in there -after- Hilary's 2008 run.) Sure, the Clintons are a political powerhouse, but I suspect that the primaries are going to decimate her chances of winning; for one, she's a very polarizing figure, and two, assuming she even survives the primaries, she'll emerge from them too weakened to do much of anything.

In retrospect, the Democrats got lucky when Obama showed up, because the party's bench is pretty shallow at best, and has been for quite a few years now. In the present, looking at her GOP opposition, they're busy winnowing out the candidates *now*, a full year ahead of time (mostly due to the establishment/RINO versus Tea Party struggles), which will have the side effect of keeping the primary fighting to a minimum. Example? Well, the recent CPAC showed that the 'crowned' establishment candidate (Jeb Bush) got creamed in the straw polling, as did a lot of the retread 'perennial candidates' (e.g. Huckabee and his pals), and it showed that Christie wasn't going anywhere at all. Instead, like it or not, a handful of rather muscular candidates came out of the fray, and I suspect that the Democrats are going to need a lot more than Hillary to get anywhere. But again, their bench looks pretty shallow (if anyone on the DNC side of things know of someone who would make a better candidate that isn't as instantly polarizing, please speak up, but I have yet to see anyone...)

Comment: Re:Politics aside for a moment. (Score 1) 506

Weird... I suspect though that your experience is extremely localized.

Up here in Portland/PDX Metro, white folk is pretty much all you see, save for parts of Hillsboro (Latino), Beaverton (some East Asian, some Indian - nearly all of whom work for The Intel Corporation), and parts of 82nd St in East Portland (some Black, some Latino)... but even in these places, it's mostly crackers as far as the eye can see. Even "Chinatown" up here is mostly white. The small town of Cornelius (way west of Portland) has a very strong Latino population, but numbers-wise not that many.


What Would Minecraft 2 Look Like Under Microsoft? 202

Posted by timothy
from the hypthetical-or-not dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft spent billions purchasing Mojang, the studio behind the game Minecraft, and while it's unlikely to start work on a sequel anytime soon, rather than continue development of the game, it's worth considering what a Minecraft 2 will look like. After all, as a public company with revenues to justify, it doesn't seem beyond unreasonable a few years down the line, especially since a Minecraft-like game was one of the stand-out tech demos shown for the software giant's HoloLens augmented reality headset. As the author points out, Microsoft will have to tread carefully, tackling issues like whether greater graphical fidelity is actually what players will want ever — and whether to continue to support Minecraft on PlayStation."

Q: How many IBM CPU's does it take to execute a job? A: Four; three to hold it down, and one to rip its head off.