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Comment: Re:Send a robot (Score 1) 82

by Penguinisto (#47546395) Attached to: Off the Florida Coast, Astronauts Train For Asteroid Mission

When it's time for an asteroid mission, it will probably be robotic.

Sadly, you're right. The same fuckers that make that decision are probably the same ones who think that artificial insemination is vastly superior to sex. Objectively they'd be right for the purpose of reproduction, but they're still a bunch of heartless assholes for basing public policy on it.

It's amazing how much money NASA can spend not going into space.

Agreed again - open the damn thing to commercial exploitation and see how fast NASA catches up.

Comment: Re:Depends on the tasks (Score 1) 92

The only gain in either situation from replacing them is theoretically increasing longevity. Neither case lends itself to a virtual machine unless the thing running that VM has a sparc processor, in which case there's no point for a VM.

Well, not entirely "no point"... (and I didn't even have to bring up zones ;) )

Comment: Re:"to not look inside the box" (Score 3, Insightful) 260

by Penguinisto (#47511031) Attached to: Google Offers a Million Bucks For a Better Inverter

An awesome way to smuggle a wifi sniffer - or something naughtier - into the googleplex!

...more like an awesome way for Google to grab a profitable patent in exchange for the prize money.

Seriously - if you can pop those kind of specifications, you can make a hell of a lot more than a million bucks from the patent alone.

Comment: Re:Duh (Score 3, Interesting) 92

A cheapie SunFire v200/210 will run like a tank, but you'll be crippled by the server's top speed, and they do put out the heat if you push up the load average (and HVAC costs should always be factored in, yo.)

You'll also need to buy a lot of those pizza boxes to make up for the processing power that you can find in a box half its age, let alone the newer iron.

Sometimes you have to run the old stuff (I work in an environment where we have testbed boxes, and SunFires are a part of that, along with ancient RS/6000 gear, PA-RISC HPUX gear, etc. I can tell you right now that the old stuff cranks out a lot more heat (and in many cases eats a lot more rackspace) than the equivalent horsepower found in just a handful of new HP DL-360's.

Comment: Re:Curious (Score 3, Interesting) 132

by Penguinisto (#47508443) Attached to: Exodus Intelligence Details Zero-Day Vulnerabilities In Tails OS

What could allow remote code execution in Tails but not affect Firefox or any of the other software us non-terrorists use. A bug in tor itself?

Given that they likely had to add a few custom bits to insure anonymity, and likely modified or ripped out a few other bits, odds are good that the customizations are where the issue lies.

(...then again, perhaps the bug(s) can be found in the std. packages, but the researchers wanted to scare a smaller organization into becoming a customer first?)

Comment: Wait, wait... (Score 5, Insightful) 132

by Penguinisto (#47508417) Attached to: Exodus Intelligence Details Zero-Day Vulnerabilities In Tails OS

The company plans to tell the Tails team about the issues "in due time"

I'm 100% certain "in due time" would come a lot sooner if the Tails OS maintainers coughed up the right fee, which means that this is most definitely NOT responsible disclosure.

I get that security researchers have to eat too, but damn - this sort of reeks of extortion. Maybe I'm wrong, but I know if I had a code project and some company said they knew I had holes but refused to tell me upon asking, extortion would be the first effing thought that would come to mind.

Comment: Re:laying off...but needs more H-1B's (Score 3, Insightful) 282

This is simple business 101, and there's no reason to take it personally. Of course Microsoft is going to do what's best for Microsoft. They do not owe you a job, or a 6-figure paycheck.

...and we don't owe Microsoft our patronage - it works both ways, which is what GP was calling out.

Comment: Re:...The hell? (Score 1) 290

by Penguinisto (#47501677) Attached to: Why My LG Optimus Cellphone Is Worse Than It's Supposed To Be

Unless, of course, you have one of the lower end phones (which is exactly the kind he is referring to) and it doesn't have enough internal storage for you to replace all the built-in apps (which can't be removed without root).


On the other hand, things have come along enough to give you quite a substantial amount of room even at the low-end. I paid $149 For a Huawei 881c (Net10/Tracfone), and I've got 2GB of internal storage to play with for apps (something like 512MB out of the box, but you can tweak it w/o root to take the whole 2GB and shove your media onto a micro-SD chip).

At this point, the lowest of the low-end phones are only for, well, suckers. You can save up a few pennies and get something cheap, and do it without having to sacrifice too much out of the gate. For example, on my phone, this is what I don't have: the magnetic compass is missing, I can't tether it (w/o rooting the thing), it's 3g instead of 4g, and performance is only like 95% of the top-end flagship phones (e.g. barely noticeable). However, that's about it, and it doesn't really impact what I do on it.

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