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Comment Re:Happens all the time. (Score 1) 96

Why this one made the paper, I can't tell you. Probably a customer was savvy enough with social media and decided to burn the bank. I guess they should just be happy the public in general doesn't realize how many problems and how much actual work goes into making banking seem reliable and secure.

A lot of benefit payments and tax credits were due, as these are expected payments from the Government to people who may be relying on that money it was quicly decided to get the story out. As someone mentioned above, at the poorer ends of society, those little handouts midway through the month can mean a lot to a working family.

Comment Re:Unauthorized export resale? (Score 1) 936

Sort out your timeline, the videoing of other customers was a few days prior to this incident, where she saw other customers buying multiple devices when she was refused.

It was on her return to the store and again refused service that led to her being "tazed".

The interesting point is the Police depts guidance. They can use a tazer to overcome passive resistance - wtf?

Comment Re:Crash (Score 1) 102

Did you even read the article you linked to?

The author says the idea has been debunked, and even explains hoe a tsunmai is formed.

Nice rant, but for once, the Mail gets this one right

Comment Re:Would Patient Consent Work? (Score 1) 332

Amen to that, my youngest spent his first three months in hospital with a massive haemangioma on his head/neck.
The complications that ensued meant he had platlet and cryoprecipitate transfusions every 4 hours for the first two weeks, a short course of chemo to try and shrink the blood vessels in the growth, a stay in a Paediatric ECU, 2 procedures to fit a central line as he ran out of veins.

If he had been born in the States, there is a very good chance I would have been bankrupted, so while the NHS has it's many faults, quite a few I saw up close, I am very greatful to the system.

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