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Comment: Re:750,000 hours MTBF. (Score 1) 238

by Pegasus (#37332940) Attached to: 3TB Hard Drive Round Up

I've never had two drives fail in the same array. Ever.

Wow, you must be one lucky storage admin. After having whole batches of drives fail within hours of eachother, I'm also assembling all my raids that hold even slightly important data strictly with different disks from different manufacturers. Afterall, having fast access to data is less important than having an access at all.

Comment: It was to be expcted (Score 4, Interesting) 99

by Pegasus (#36237674) Attached to: Spammers Establish Fake URL-Shortening Services

I always found url shortening to be a weird and potentially dangerous practice. Trading some comfort to squeeze your link into a tweet for the comfort to actually predict where this link will take you? No thanks. If url does not fit into a tweet, then it's a tweeter problem that tweeter should fix. That's also why I don't use tweeter. I find IRC superior :)

Comment: Combine it with a stirling engine (Score -1, Offtopic) 364

by Pegasus (#35089208) Attached to: Usage Based Billing In Canada To Be Rescinded

I'm wondering how useful would these things be when combined with a stirling engine, with the cold part of it sticking into a local stream or lake or someting. Stirling would then power an electric generator and I'm sure the combined efficiency of it would be higher than best photovoltaics available today.

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