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Comment Re:I'm not sure what bothers me more, (Score 1) 613

Because that's even more of a pain in the ass than DST for your average parent.

Even the shift from my daughter going from elementary to middle school through off my schedule big time.

Shifting my schedule throughout the year to get more day light is a pain in the ass.

Comment Re:motion sickness (Score 1) 286

I've been in middle seats on long international flights. You can still see out of the window in your peripheral vision, or by simply looking left or right.

They typically make the window seat passengers open the window blinds during take off and landing, which is probably the most nauseating part of the flight.

Comment Re:The Year of Windows on the Desktop (Score 1) 545

You don't even have to do that much on most distros anymore. There's GUI front ends that make it even easier. With packages that aren't included in the GUI, you can just download them and double click them like any other executable. Easy.

Speaking for people who think Linux is hard that is. For the most part I'm with you, I prefer using the command line.

Comment Re:First world problems. (Score 1) 610

I'm sure you don't care until they start injecting ad images and commercials into your porn library.

How you can possibly think it's OK for them to force music into your library is beyond me.

Who cares if it's free. I don't want a bunch of crap I don't like cluttering up my personal things.

Comment Re:And another pointless phone (Score 1) 146

Doesn't make what he said any less confusing. He could have clarified wtf he was talking about when he quoted what he was saying to the Nokia rep.

This sentence: "Because YOU had hired us to develop APPs for you, and YOU had NOT asked for it!" was confusing as hell in the context it was given.

I literally read that quote several times thinking I was reading it wrong.

Comment Re:Untested? (Score 1) 357

That's not a better question. EVERY Olympic team invests loads of money into clothing design to gain an advantage. Period. There's nothing unfair about it.

On top of that, they do it for nearly every freaking sport! This isn't even something new, how can you not know about this?

Also, I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time an Olympian or Olympic team has complained about something like this.

Comment Re:Yes but (Score 1) 745

That's funny, because my non-tech savvy co-worker saw my phone on my last visit to our Shreveport office and commented about how his wife has exactly the same phone, and loves it.

One of the women who was in my defensive driving class last night also had one.

I don't see nearly as many Android based phones as I see iPhones, but they're still pretty popular.

Comment Re:Shame it's not the other way around (Score 1) 71

I disagree. I like facebook. It is a good way for me to keep track of my friends across the world.

(I haven't used Friend Feed before, so I'll look into that now..)

I used sites like myspace for a while, but most of them don't do a very good job of letting you interact with people and even worse of a job keeping you updated on what's going on.

facebook shows you most of the relevant updates you care about right when you login and does a good job of notifying of when there is an update to something you might want to see.

You don't have to surf to all of your friends profiles every day to keep track of them, anything they post is going to show up on your wall when you login.

I like that.

So what are my other options for keeping track of people I care about? Use my phone/email contact list to send them an email or call them on the phone every month?

Nah. That's the only way of doing it and it's not very efficient :p

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