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Comment Buy a NAS (Score 1) 174

I used to be an advanced amateur photographer before I had kids. The kids were born in the days of film photography. I digitized all my film, and I've been storing all of my pictures in a NAS at home, of which I also keep an off-site backup. I don't worry too much about the possible obsolescence of file formats.

Comment Re:Raspberry Pi makes OLPC irrelevant (Score 1) 130

Display: any old TV or monitor. Power: micro-USB standardized GSMA Universal Charging Solution. Keyboard and mouse: via USB port. (You'd be surprised at how prevalent TVs and cellphones are in less deveoped parts of the world.) Granted, you can't use the Raspberry Pi away from the power grid, but I would surmise that in areas were there is no electrification, there aren't many teachers or schools, so you can't really make use of the OLPC, either.

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