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Comment: All Python programmers used to work at Google? (Score 1) 167

by PeFu (#36609306) Attached to: 2nd Edition of <em>Learn Python the Hard Way</em> Released

Cited from :
"Other Python programmers will warn you that lpthw.web is just a fork of another web framework called, and that has too much "magic". If they say this, point out to them that Google App Engine originally used and not a single Python programmer complained that it had too much magic, because they all worked at Google. If it's good enough for Google, then it's good enough for you to get started. Then, just get back to learning to code and ignore their goal of indoctrination over education."

Hmmm... I remember times when Guido v.Rossum, Tim Peters and others were working at a company called ... may this shows my age.

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