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Comment: Re:artificial sweeteners spike insulin (Score 1) 630

by PeDRoRist (#49567703) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame
That can be very serious, especially in children. My son has a mild hyperphenylalaninemia, which could severely impair his neuronal development if untreated. Well, there is no treatment in the strict sense, appart from thightly controlling his phenylalanine levels and since this amino acid is found in proteins, that can get tricky. One thing's for sure though, aspartame is completely prohibited.

Comment: Re:Free? (Score 1) 703

by PeDRoRist (#48773667) Attached to: Obama Proposes 2 Years of Free Community College
25k USD already sounds expensive to me. In my country (France) one can graduate from a very good private school for about 15k EUR (and that's a 5 year course). Or stick to the public university and merely pay a ~500 EUR fee per year, including healthcare (but excluding books of course). Then again, the US has higher ranking universities (though I'd like to see a fair comparison between average graduates from an employer's standpoint)

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