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Comment: Re:Recent allegations... (Score 3, Insightful) 209

I'm just saying. Everything we know points to it being deliberately handicapped. The game actually runs better when you enable the settings that made it look gorgeous at E3. It runs better with better graphical fidelity.

The only excuse for disabling that is intentional malice or extreme incompetence. Ubisoft has a history of either of those in regards to PC gamers. If it were an isolated event, I'd go with incompetence, but this is no longer coincidence. I'm pretty sure it's malice due to it's repetition. l

Comment: Re:youtube is free advertising (Score 1) 197

Just a thought: It's also possible to stream a Youtube video with VLC media player by drag/dropping the link into the player. Which effectively lets you avoid the adds and have normal playback (i.e. no "smart" buffering).

I wouldn't be surprised if there were some way you could use that to download the video too, since, effectively, that's what a stream is. Downloading the video.

Comment: For this to be feasible... (Score 1) 193

by Payden K. Pringle (#47006379) Attached to: Are Glowing, Solar Smart Roads the Future?

Assuming it can become the norm everywhere (huge assumption there)...

I imagine we will replace our coal plants with large battery plants to store all the extra power we get during the day so that these things can function well at night (having to only power sections of road with vehicles on them would probably make that very feasible).

Then the electricity bill wouldn't be for the actual electricity. It'd be for maintaining these large battery store houses and maintaining these roads. I mean really, if we laid out a ton of this stuff across the US (the desert regions specifically), I figure electricity would be dirt cheap if not free (aside from the aforementioned maintenance).

The only way I can see this actually happening is if the solar panel roads become ubiquitous, which as I said, is a huge assumption. The oil industry won't have it, and getting the capital to produce enough panels to make it worth while, then lay them across major highways would be massive. Then there's building the battery centers so that they can actually function at night (or we can shift to coal power for night time).

I think this is something that would definitely pay off in the long run, but probably won't happen for the same reasons other things similar to it didn't happen. i.e. big business and lobbyists.

Comment: Re:So ... it covers these things? (Score 0) 129

by Payden K. Pringle (#46945991) Attached to: Astrophysicists Build Realistic Virtual Universe

Exactly. It almost feels like this was made just to make headlines. Don't get me wrong, progress is awesome, but at least be honest about it. For example, I'd consider honesty feeling the need to mention their considerations on Dark Matter and why/how they interpreted it in this model.

I don't feel like that's asking for too much personally.

Comment: This is a perfect time to employ... (Score 1) 116

by Payden K. Pringle (#46943919) Attached to: It's World Password Day: Change Your Passwords


Because (ignore quotes) "bob is a dork and i hate my job" is largely easier to remember and more powerful than, "Tr0ub3c43r#$" [insert obligatory XKCD].

I mean really. If a person makes a passphrase as a full sentence (i.e. spaces, punctuation, capitalization, all the things grammar teachers teach), then that will give some part of school you likely never cared about some meaning in your life, and it would make your passphrases much more secure and easier to remember (i.e. it tells you a lot about your passphrase already).

Although the most annoying part (as always) is typos.

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