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Comment: Re:And? (Score 2) 448

by Pax681 (#48758979) Attached to: Unbundling Cable TV: Be Careful What You Wish For

$400 ticket +$25 for luggage +$25 for 2nd piece of luggage +$50 for a seat that isn't between two 300 pound men who haven't showered yet this year. +$75 for to not have your legs knees shoved in your face when the person in front of you reclines +$15 for internet, 2G speeds only +$5-15 to use the entertainment console at your seat +$10 for a light snack +$25 to sit near the front of the plane so you don't have to spend 30 minutes in your seat both before and after the plane lands

wtf are you on about..... every year i fly to Denver from Edinburgh Scotland.
I fly from Edinburgh to Amsterdam then onwards to Minneapolis then to Denver.
my baggage allowance without purchasing extras gets me 1 x 25 kilo suitcase, 1 x 12 kilo hand luggage plus one "accessory" which is my asus transformer tablet in it's own wee case. the meal and the snacks are included, the movies and TV are FREE and i get to chose my seat too from within the standard class seating. KLM to Amsterdam then Delta the rest of the way.
dunno who you are flying with but they are sticking it right up your anus pal and you are taking it.
When in America i fly with spirit... some Americans may laugh at that as they are considered to be a crappy low cost airlines with little legroom.. to those people i say "have you ever flown with BMI,Easyjet or ryanair??" because then you'll KNOW what no fucking legroom is actually like..lol mind you last three times i flew with spirit i got upgraded seats for free so had plenty legroom. Spirit while being a basic flight isn't bad at all.

Comment: Re: What's so hard about using the time-honored (Score 1) 242

by Pax681 (#48019141) Attached to: At CIA Starbucks, Even the Baristas Are Covert

Some Comedians (The Chasers) in Australia booked and checked in online for a flight using the names Mr Terry Wrist and Mr Al Queda. When they didnt show for their flights, the calls across the terminal were pretty comical. www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FkYPV7Iwu4

Chasers war... fucking classic!

Comment: Re:Can someone clarify the state of BitCoin? (Score 1) 134

by Pax681 (#47869625) Attached to: Paypal Jumps Into Bitcoin With Both Feet
yes.. so..much.. as.. in Europe they are registered and regulated AS A BANK. In Europe storing that cash in paypal means that,like a bank, you know... because it's registered and regulated as a bank... that money was deposited.....like in a bank when money gets deposited.

In Europe, PayPal is registered as a bank in Luxembourg under the legal name PayPal (Europe) Sàrl et Cie SCA, a company regulated centrally by the Luxembourg bank authority, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)[74] (note that all of the company's European accounts were transferred to PayPal's bank in Luxembourg on July 2, 2007.[75]) Prior to this move, PayPal had been registered in the UK as PayPal (Europe) Ltd, an entity which was licensed as an Electronic Money Issuer with the UK's Financial Services Authority (FSA) from 2004. This ceased in 2007, when the company moved to Luxembourg.


Comment: Well ba snoke and mist machines then! (Score 1) 3

by Pax681 (#47833209) Attached to: E-cigarette Warnings Are 'Alarmist'
as they use pretty much the same stuff along mixed with food flavourings -safety tested and passed as they art food additives
[rant on] What this boils down to is the non-smoker/ex-smoker brigade now getting pissed off because.... MY FUCKING GOD SOMEONE APPEARS TO BE ENJOYING A VAPE!!!!!
Now while they might look like smoking.. they are not... there's no tobacco, no tobacco smell and, those like me who much prefer coconut,blueberry and vanilla flavours.... well... well....we are just putting those FUMES into the air for others to breathe......
new for those idiots... water vapour != smoke... it doesn't smell the same(as it isn't), doesn't taste the same (as it isnn't) and isn't full of toxins(it may only have one.. nicotine)
Oh and nicotine can't gibe you cancer....(br) Yeah.. I use a kanger tech vape and it saves me a fortune., tastes fucking great. i don't cough and spluter and i save a fortune(9 GBP per month vs £50 per week!)
these assholes that are wanting to ban it... seriousdly.. FUCK THOSE PEOPLE.... next they will be banning chewing the end of a fucking pencil as that vaguely,in the right light looks like smoking... to a fucking moron....
[/end rant]

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