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by Pax681 (#47727219) Attached to: UK Police Warn Sharing James Foley Killing Video Is a Crime

There are many instances in British law of absolute offences for which there is no defence.

British Law? what's that? THAT is not correct....there's english law whicvh covers England and Wales... there's Scottish Law which covers... you guessed it.. Scotland and then there's the legislation passed by the Irish assembly which covers Northern Ireland. just sayin.......

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by Pax681 (#47668161) Attached to: Entire South Korean Space Programme Shuts Down As Sole Astronaut Quits

No, collaqialsmisms. Do you failed reading or somesuch?

no you have failed

plural noun: colloquialisms
a word or phrase that is not formal or literary and is used in ordinary or familiar conversation.
"the colloquialisms of the streets"
the use of colloquialisms.
"speech allows for colloquialism and slang"

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nuclear submarine base

Indeed, now what are you going to do with an empty submarine base?

90% of its oil revenue

The UK is a net importer of oil these days - there is no oil revenue. You may be able to make a small profit on the last trickles, though.

permanent seat on the UN security council

Unlikely, but I know for sure who won't be on it...

That doesn't take into account the oil/gas off the West coast of Scotland nor does it take into account the Scottish stake of the Rockall claim.
BTW i'd hardly call 1.5 trillion barrels a trickle... and that's just the north Sea.
who gives a fuck about a seat on the security council to be quite frank???
As for what to do with an empty submarine base??? now that's EASY.. refit it as a support base much like the port at Nig off the north east which makes astonishing money servicing oil rigs, support vessels and exploratory rigs... combine that with a wee touch of the support role Aberdeen port plays and you have a winner... simple enough for you?

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Bleh. If that's all you know about it I'd keep quiet and stick to your areas of competence.

Care to point out any times where Alex Salmond (or anyone else from that party) have publicly declared that their behaviour in executing such undemocratic power is reprehensible and it willbe for the greater good when that power is given up?

Or are you claiming that that's the only thing I know about the entire issue of independence? If the latter, then don't be a fool. Just because I have highlighted the best issue in favour of "yes" doesn't mean I know nothing about the rest of them.

This is a long standing policy and their response to the West Lothian as posed by Tam Dalyell. .... So.. care to actually state something that isn't patently and provably false?

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Your personal phone preferences are irrelevant. This is a discussion of a specific feature of iOS and a weakness of Android.

it must've really made you weed when the saviour.. the lord jobs kacked it eh? i bet you wept onto your wee i-devices.... shame that's not covered under waranty eh? LOL.
however it's hilariously funnyh that MY preference and experience with android devices somehow negates what i say but your blatant fucking fanboism driven bollocks is fine?
now THAT is fucking funny :)

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by Pax681 (#47414397) Attached to: Avast Buys 20 Used Phones, Recovers 40,000 Deleted Photos

But how many people actually reset phone and reset data? I'd imagine a lot of people simply manually delete their photos and unhook their Internet accounts from the phone. Hardly a wipe.

But it's so easy to do on iOS. You can do it on the phone - Settings->General->Reset

And it wipes the phone - the flash storage is encrypted. Resetting it wipes the key and generates a new one. It then reboots and reformats the user storage using the new key and mounts it. The old data is irrecoverable because the key is lost, and the new data is written using a new key.

Even prior to encrypted storage, iOS3 created the option to do it where it erases and wipes the storage - anything 3GS and newer wipes keys (so wiping takes a couple of minutes), older ones took a couple of hours.

No reason Android can't do the same - either by sending TRIM commands to the entire user storage area and then forcing a write-all-with-zeroes to be doubly sure.

Android CAN do the same by simply performing a factory reset.. apple hardly had a fucking monopoly on factory reset functions in phones.
it's just that most normal users haven't a fucking clue and thus don't reset their phones to factory state and that's where the problem lies.

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by Pax681 (#47224827) Attached to: Mozilla To Sell '$25' Firefox OS Smartphones In India

No plan but it's a "T-mobile", does that mean you buy a locked phone upfront?

someone needs to brush up on their reading comprehension skills! ...
what part of

eBay exclusive ZTE OPEN C Latest Firefox OS 3G dual core Unlocked Smartphone

do you fail to comprehend??

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by Pax681 (#47224765) Attached to: Mozilla To Sell '$25' Firefox OS Smartphones In India

I predict they'll never be available in the US/UK for anything like that little money. There'll be taxes and import duty and this and that and....and it'll end up being 3 times that, and for the money you'd be able to buy something which less horrific performance. There's no profit in this for anyone - why bother in the first place?

Nah .. at under £20 GBP it is under the import tax threshold.. so no import tax on this puppy for Scotland or the UK

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by Pax681 (#47216221) Attached to: Uber Demonstrations Snarl Traffic In London, Madrid, Berlin

Black Cabs uniquely use taximeters - the machines that work out the fare, given distance and time, and display it to users. Private Hire cars make their own arrangements with their customers

NOT TRUE!! !Both private hire and black cabs have metres in Scotland. Black cab rates are a bit higher but both CERTAINLY have metres mandated by law.

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by Pax681 (#47215955) Attached to: Uber Demonstrations Snarl Traffic In London, Madrid, Berlin
what puts the higher price on these vehicles license plates is that usually there is a limited number of them
For example, Edinburgh city council limits the amount of black taxi vehicles plates to 300 in total(this is a made up number.. dunno how many it actually is)
Now it might only cost you say £500 GBP to buy that plate from the council if you were the original purchaser. you see this plate can be transferred from one vehicle to the other. it outlives the vehicle and thus due to it's limited availability it can and does sell for FORTUNES at auctions held for the rare occasion they come up for sale.
London is NOT unique in doing the "knowledge". I can only speak for Scotland however each council here requires all black hack drivers to do the knowledge for their license area... i just pity the poor fuckers in the Highlands who have a gargantuan area to commit to memory!

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by Pax681 (#47215821) Attached to: Uber Demonstrations Snarl Traffic In London, Madrid, Berlin
WRONG!.. in the case of Scotland certainly.
all drivers of vehicles licensed to carry passengers on a commercial basis must be licensed themselves.
Then the cars have to undergo safety checks and emissions tests and once the vehicle is licensed it must be appropriately insured with appropriate passenger liability insurance.
Otherwise it's 100% illegal for people to charge fares for taking people anywhere commercially. plain and simple as that.
In the case of Taxi drivers with a "Black cab license"(those who drive the classic London cabs) ... then those guys have to STUDY for a minimum of two years and sit an exam called "the knowledge" to show that they know well the geography of the area. And their vehicles taxi license plates, in Edinburgh anyway, SELL FOR A FUCKING FORTUNE.....
The thing with Uber is that it is setting rates that are NOT set by the local councils Taxi licensing board. In Scotland each city council/local authority sets the rates for both black taxis and private hire cars such as Uber would be legally classified. Thus they are undercutting in a way that other companies would be legally disallowed from doing as the rates are set firm by the councils so as to avoid customers being humped.

So as you an see, at least here in Scotland, and possibly in england,Waqles and northern Ireland too.... Uber would have to recruit drivers who were already licensed with licensed vehicles , start it's own fleet and get drivers in to drive them or... operate illegally and get humped in various courts and jurisdictions around the "UK"

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