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Submission + - Demonoid Domains name for sale (

Pax681 writes: PC World and other sites are reporting of the death of Demonoid "Bad news for those expecting the BitTorrent site Demonoid to somehow spring up from the ashes after last week's alleged bust. The Demonoid domain names are now officially for sale via Sedo, the final nail in the coffin for the popular site that was taken down via a combined assault from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry and Interpol. "
Would it be fair to assume that the week long DDOS was part of the operation to take the site down? and if so does thing signal that the *IAA's now see it as ok to break the law witha DDOS to enforce their copyright?

The Internet

Submission + - How get the fastest speeds from your connection!

Pax681 writes: "A Great way to speed up your net connection for FREE! My cousin who uses the username "Guest_Again" wrote a guide on how to max out your internet connection free without these nonsense apps that say they will and certainly do not. All props to Guest_Again for the info and tutorials! with my pro connection(24mb/down 2.5mb up) i actually get 23.1 up and 2409 down! check out on how to find the right version of DMT for your router and also how to use DrTCP to sort your Recieve window. all apps are 100% virus/malware/spam/adware and COST FREE All setting are reversable too! All covered in DMT Tool Tutorial DrTCP tutorial DMT Tool Homepage DRTCP Download When you go to the DMT Tool site you will see there are different versions. make sure you shoose the right one for your router. the router versions are listed next to the different versions of DMT tool! Guest_Again wrote THIS TUTORIAL on choosing the right version of DMT for your hardware Guest_Again is ALWAYS happy to give help to anyone wishing to tweak their connections using his method. This page has had over 109,000 hits so far and is used as a reference page for many other sites."

Linux-Based Phone System Phones Home 164

An anonymous reader writes to let us know that users of Trixbox, a PBX based on Asterisk, recently discovered that the software has been phoning home with statistics about their installations. It's easy enough to disable, and not particularly steathy (beyond encrypting the data sent back), but customers in the forum are annoyed at not having been informed of the reporting. Trixbox is owned by Fonality, which makes customized PBXs (again based on Asterisk) for paying customers.

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