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Comment: Re:Williams WASP X-Jet (Score 1) 79

by RockDoctor (#49794043) Attached to: The Hoverboard Flies Closer To Reality

I was sitting on an oil rig watching the events (while having a "well control event," so not watching very closely. We had out own more important events going on.) on the newly-installed satellite TV. We probably know more about hydrocarbon-liquid fuelled fires than most people, because we have to be our own fire brigade. No one in the oil industry (TTBOMK) gives that "the fire couldn't reach the necessary temperatures" bullshit the slightest bit of attention. Because all to often we see that hydrocarbon-liquid fuelled fires are perfectly capable of reaching adequate temperatures.

Tension or compression doesn't make much difference to the softening point.

Comment: Re:Yes, most excellent! (Score 1) 89

by RockDoctor (#49793979) Attached to: Bats' White-Nose Syndrome May Be Cured
As a caver myself, we've been watching this with considerable concern from Europe, but I've not heard this claim before. WNS in Canada, yes, and slowly extending it's affected area to the SW ; yes those are both well reported. but I've not even heard of WNS in Mexico, let alone any further into Central America.

And yes, every caver I know who has been caving in America for about a decade has been strict over decontamination procedures. Or just didn't bring anything back other than photographs (not difficult ; there's very little novel equipment made in America these days.

So, citation needed, please.

Comment: Re:It's kinda cute (Score 1) 441

by RockDoctor (#49793903) Attached to: Creationists Manipulating Search Results

they have a shared agenda with militant islamists. As long as they hate each other, we may have a chance.

"They," the Xtian Fun-dies, have known for decades that they have fellow travellers in Islam. They have been swapping bullshit since at least 1996, to my personal knowledge. That was the first time that my Compuserve email address got spammed into oblivion by Arabic-language garbage after I showed that Harun Yaya (a pseudonymous Turkish Islamic creationist) had been copying everything including the spelling mistakes from rabid US Protestant Fun-die websites (which themselves were copies of older pamphlets, with the same misspellings).

If we rely on the hatred of one enemy of ours for another to keep both enemies down, thne we're fucked. We should attack directly.

Comment: Re: Alternate story title (Score 1) 441

by RockDoctor (#49793723) Attached to: Creationists Manipulating Search Results

Yep. But christians are supposedly not supposed to lie. SEO of that sort is a form of lying.

This is exactly why we frequently refer to them (to their faces on those rare occasions that they dare to see daylight) as "Liars for Jesus."

The epithet is intended to remind them of the mortal peril into which their actions put their souls. As if they had one. Which they don't.

Comment: Re: "What happened to the dinosaurs?" (Score 1) 441

by RockDoctor (#49793619) Attached to: Creationists Manipulating Search Results

Obviously not all dinosaurs had feathers (for example, a large portion of them were aquatic, filling the same roles as modern whales),

This is an incorrect statement.

No dinosaurs were aquatic, to the best of my knowledge (I'm a geologist, so there's a fair chance that I'm better informed on this than the average Slashdotter. I don't think there are any full-time palaeontologists on the board.)

Plenty of dinosaurs lived in wet environments - the Spinosaurs, for example - but they still developed from eggs laid on dry land and had no adaptations requiring them to live in a permanently aquatic situation.

There were "reptiles" alive at the same time as the dinosaurs, which were fully aquatic. ichthyosaurs and mosasaurs would both fit your description. Neither of them were dinosaurs. Neither of them were much more closely related to the dinosaurs than you and I are.

("Reptile" is of course a polyphyletic group, not the descendants of a single species of organism which has no descendants which are not "reptiles".)

Comment: Re:"What happened to the dinosaurs?" (Score 1) 441

by RockDoctor (#49793443) Attached to: Creationists Manipulating Search Results

A dead giveaway that it's not a dinosaur is (among other things) its 5 digits. All dinosaurs had 3 digits.

This is an incorrect statement. Dinosaurs had one (Mononykus, kiwi), two (other reports of kiwi, Apteryx ; the character may be labile or reporting inconsistent. I don't have a kiwi skeleton in my cupboard) three (theropods, including birds, though not necessarily the same three digits in theropods and birds), four (stegosaur and ceratopsian hind feet), or five digits ceratopsian fore feet). There's no particular reason to have the same digit count on fore and rear limbs.

I am not aware of any six-digited dinosaurs, but if you were to show me one I wouldn't automatically assume it were a fake. (I'd look damned carefully though.)

Comment: Re: We 'must' compete (Score 1) 117

And yet you're doing the same thing you accuse me of -- that the elements that I hold important are part of my philosophy are actually part of your philosophy, so your philosophy must be right. You have fallen into the logical trap of assuming all opposing viewpoints are diametrically opposed. Both socialism and capitalism are predicated on appropriate reward for hard work. Both seek to leverage industrial efficiency to the maximum gain. The only difference between the two philosophies is in the apportionment of reward. Capitalism views "funding" as a type of work that deserves the highest reward, therefore the person who invests (the capitalist) receives the highest recompense. Socialism views the worker activity as the only real "work", and capital merely a facilitator, because the capitalist doesn't typically expend any time or energy. In capitalism, it is the capitalists that compete with each other, and that doesn't help the workers, because they are now a "cost" and competitiveness means cutting costs.

"It is better to have tried and failed than to have failed to try, but the result's the same." - Mike Dennison