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Comment: Re:Final Cut Pro library (Score 1) 268

by RockDoctor (#47970949) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What To Do After Digitizing VHS Tapes?

in a different state.

Or just put them in a safety deposit box at a local bank.

I think that you missed the OPs concern with redundancy.

Having your backup in the local bank is really going to suck if they've been flooded out by the same event that flooded you out. (Floods may be fluids other than water, such as lava and volcanic ash.)

I'd be much more wary of shipping them across US international borders, where they'd be liable to seizure. Possibly at state borders too. But in that case, taking them to Auntie Flo isn't going to be any protection either.

Comment: Re:I wonder if they could add geothermal. (Score 1) 82

by RockDoctor (#47970899) Attached to: Solar Powered Technology Enhances Oil Recovery
Geothermal and hydrocarbon are not good bedfellows. Where you've got a high enough geothermal gradient for it to be a significant source of power, then you're going to be cooking your kerogens at depth shallow enough to have little prospect of encountering a trap, and they'll just sep out ot surface. Plus, you'd have a wider gas window and narrower oil window, and the oil is considerably the more valuable for export sales.

Could you use directly geothermally-generated steam as a steam-flood source all in the one well? You'd need to rig your surface water injector on the injection well to higher pressures than for conventional water or steam injection (higher pressures cost more and wear out faster) but the production wells wouldn't need significantly different completion. Slugging of your steam flow from the geothermal source into the flood injection leg of the well would be an issue - potentially a big issue.

What are the odds of the shape and size of your geothermal field being sufficiently close to power an outer ring of injection wells and efficiently steam-flood into the central few producers. It's not impossible, but it's also not terribly likely. Geothermal fields tending to be relatively large and disperses, but oil fields being sharply delineated by their original oil-water contacts (would you drill out in the water leg, except to provide pressure / waterflood support? Would you sign the AFE for subsidiary drilling centres, access roads etc for a 1/3 increase in well count (steam producer plus the regular injector - producer pair). You might make a case, but it's not going to be a high likelihood case.

Comment: Re:The review ecosystem is good and truly broken.. (Score 4, Interesting) 236

by Half-pint HAL (#47963197) Attached to: Small Restaurant Out-Maneuvers Yelp In Reviews War

Anyway, articles like this do make me upset with Yelp. But a lot of places do seem to have yelp sticker on their window, so perhaps it's just part of the cost of doing business these days. I applaud this italian joint for lashing out against it in an entertaining way, and I'll start searching for some of the lowest reviewed places too, since I mostly use Yelp to find the exceptional places anyways.

I suppose it had to be an Italian restaurant that recognised a shake-down when they saw one. A lot of people put their lives on the line to challenge mafia extortion, so a website with no guns is hardly a threat.

Comment: Re:Yelp is an example of free-market failure (Score 4, Interesting) 236

by Half-pint HAL (#47963167) Attached to: Small Restaurant Out-Maneuvers Yelp In Reviews War

And Yelp paying someone to remove all these reviews until the keyboard-warrior hipsters move onto some new easy cause is the free market adjustment to ensure the big guy continues winning.

True, but it really lays Yelp's tactics bare for all to see -- the 1-star reviews have to be removed because the system publishes them instantly, while the 5-star reviews are all held pending approval. Time for a lawsuit, methinks.

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by Half-pint HAL (#47953133) Attached to: A Beginner's Guide To Programming With Swift

and most indy devs won't throw out a grand for a machine with no guaranteed payback.

Good. With 1.3 million apps in the Apple App Store, there's enough already. Cutting out people who by their choice of PC show themselves to be less aware of good design is no bad thing.

That, mate, is what we call "bigotry". There are many factors influencing choice of development machine. For the dev with a family, that includes paying for the kids' clothes.

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by Half-pint HAL (#47948585) Attached to: Europeans Came From Three Ancestry Groupings

You can imagine 10 different sects popping up with different versions of the dietary rules. The ones that happened to align with health and reduced death would have an evolutionary advantage, and ultimately become dominant.

That's possible, but it involves a very weird assumption: that human intelligence only evolved about 2000 years ago, and before that we were utterly moronic.

Dangerous foods become painfully obvious painfully quickly. Nowadays we may have a sophisticated understanding of why they are dangerous, but "Montezuma is unhappy you ate the day old prawn" is still a theory based on the observation of the guy doubling over and vomiting his guts up.

Some of the weirder laws are clearly born out of coincidence, the same as any other superstition. But that doesn't mean that the ban on pork isn't down to seeing what pig-borne diseases can do to humans.

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by Capsaicin (#47942765) Attached to: A Beginner's Guide To Programming With Swift

Another attempt by a vendor to try to lock in software development and make cross platform development incredibly difficult by introducing a new language.

... because writing Objective-C Apps using the Cocoa object framework is the very model of cross-platform development.

What surprises me is that it Apple until now to "make cross platform development incredibly difficult."

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by Half-pint HAL (#47941911) Attached to: A Beginner's Guide To Programming With Swift

"You need a Mac that can run OS X Mavericks"

A key takeaway:No wonder Android has more Apps(sic) than iOS after starting from behind.

Because your dev machine for this new language can't be more then 6 years old? Yeah, sure.

No, because your dev machine for this new language has to run a particular operating system, and most indy devs won't throw out a grand for a machine with no guaranteed payback.

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