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Submission + - Data Breach!

Pax681 writes: Hungryhouse take away delivery service has suffered a data breach. I was informed after receiving text message to say my password had been changed.

Your password has been updated.If you did not make this change,please contact us on 02088199778

So I checked on the website and sure enough.. I could not log in. so I phoned them and I was told that About 10,000 passswords had been reset and that it was a "minor data breach" and if i wanted my account checked i could. I then asked if anyone had ordered anything since last night as that was my last known order. All was well. They are very much playing it down ... but we shall see, there nothing on the interwebs about it yet

Comment Re: NUKEM!! NUKEM NOW!! (Score 1) 728

The original poster is not entirely right. Here is for example the data for Pakistan:

Total strikes: 421 Obama strikes: 370 Total killed: 2,489-3,989 Civilians killed: 423-965 Children killed: 172-207 Injured: 1,158-1,738

So yes, many civilians but not anywhere near 96%. In any case, there is still a huge difference to terrorism, because drone strikes are not intended to kill civilians, many civilian deaths are only accepted as a side-effect. It boils down how you interpret the "double effect doctrine". In my point of view, drone strikes are serious crimes just like terrorist attacks but the two things should be kept apart and not one can justify the other.

hmm... interesting you just HAD to point out Obama did more!.. you think maybe it's a partisan thing?

Comment Re:Simpler (Score 2) 166

Where the hell else can I carry it? I've got jeans and a t-shirt. The phone fits in my jeans pocket so that's the only logical place to put it. I guess I could get a belt clip and have it catch on everything but I think not. How about they could just make it where I have to actually unlock the screen to make a call? Problem solved!

fucking simple... I buy trousers (or pants to you yanks :P ) with my stuff in min... cargo trousers, the map pocket is great for yer phone when paired with bluetooth headset.
I also buy shirts/tops at times with phone in mind.It's not rocket science
But no... it always boils down to.. " WAAAAH... moan moan moan"
So just for you..... have a gander at this

Comment Re: DEA declares running illegal (Score 3, Informative) 112

Harmless? Marijuana is linked to higher chances of developing mental disorders and other psychiatric problems. Not to mention the smoke is harmful for our lungs.

I'll give you that alcohol and tobacco are far worse, but to call it harmless is just as wrong as to call it as dangerous as heroin.

CBD is a fantastic anti-psychotic and is going under further research. and anything can unlock a genetic predisposition ... alcohol, light... anything can trigger it.. not just cannabis

Comment Re: GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 570

Maybe if you had bottled water, you'd drink it instead of coke and other nasty things. Despite popular belief, tap water, even with a Britta, is nothing like bottled water which is actually nice to drink.

i refer you to this , which i am going to do to every stupid twat that say that very stupid thing you just said!

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 570

Not to mention it's bottled by the same companies like Pepsico and Coke that make soda. So if people keep drinking water these companies have nothing to worry about.

We should make them worry and stop buying bottled water. Not only are you flushing your money down the toilet, but getting all those empty bottles out of our waste stream would be a great benefit for all of us.

I hear yah , just check out some vintage Penn and Teller to illustrate the point hilariously!

Comment Re: Liberals (Score 1) 410

In Afghanistan, there are nearly no Arabs. It's inhabited by Pashtuns, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Hazara, Aimaqs and other ethnic groups, none of them is Arab or speaks a semitic language.

Maybe it's time to actually inform yourself about Afghanistan before making such bold statements?

Erm.. I think you'll find that Muslims are more than adequate at speaking Arabic seeing as how it's the language of the religion itself...

Comment Re:Circling the drain (Score 0, Troll) 77

It is my opinion that Microsoft, as a consumer company, is circling the drain -- at least for IT people.

- They missed the boat on mobile - Windows 10 telemetry makes Google look like privacy champions (This OS is invasive) - They are back porting Windows 10 telemetry to Windows 8 and Windows 7 to get even more info from those users - They are killing the Nokia apps, which are arguably better than anything Microsoft could write. Why? Microsoft suffers from NIH.

I am taking steps to free my family of any Microsoft product. The invasiveness is just too much. Linux works just fine, as there are no IT people in my family save myself, so they need to browse and use Webmail.

Microsoft will survive OK enough in the corporate space, but it won't be too terribly long before they are supplanted by better tech -- and it will be about time. I sill cannot believe, after all these years, that people though Active Directory was better than Novell's NDS. That still boggles the mind.

I'm looking forward to a world where Microsoft is an also ran.

yeah they did miss the boat on mobile... and are still not on it... so it doesn't matter one fuck if they drop nokia apps.. there's no-one waiting in the forest to hear that tree fall anyway
back porting telemetry? erm./. ok chump.. you do realise that you can turn OFF all that cemetery in settings right???
as to the rest.. foam foam foam.. rant rant rant.... fact.. where the fuck is lovely young chappie Bennett Haselton when you need him???.. you'd get more sense out of Bennett's anus than you :)

Comment Re:exhibit A: OK Cupid's famous essay (Score 3, Insightful) 311

Heck you can check it yourself: sign up for a paid for dating site, put the photos into Google image search, and see how long it takes before you get a fake. But sexual desperation is such that men will still go there,

I'll do you even one better.. TINEYE plugin ... just right click and search the image on tineye.. saves a lot of hassle for many reasons.. dating only being one of them

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