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Comment Re:British Airspace (Score 3, Informative) 198

"Scotland is a country"

Scotland hasn't been a country since 1707. Its a region of the UK. The fact that a lot of scots want to believe its still a country doesn't change the reality of the situation.

Then you don't klnow much bud. Scotland is a country in it's own right and even has a separate and distinct legal system.
As wonkey_monkey says.. it's a country and not a sovereign state. It is one of 4 constituent countries of Great Britain.

Comment Re:Gets worse near the end of the article (Score 1) 233

because you are being a blatant pedant for no real reason really except being a DICK.. SOMEONE SAID SOMETHING FOR A LAUGH that had an element of truth.. As he was the finance minister upon whose watch it went tits up... and this after years of Greece being a country that landed itself in the deep DEEEEP shit paying for an olympics it could not afford.
this had a knock on effect twinned with even more fucking horrible attempts at financial management.
however.. as i said.. it was a humorous comment that has REALLY GOT YOU BUTT HURT.. and I don't really care pal :)

Comment Re:Gets worse near the end of the article (Score 1) 233

um.. the country had a culture of not really being bothered about tex revenue with a laissez faire attitude about it's collection and payment.
He was a major cog in that culture at a critical juncture and make a total assbag of the whole affair.. so yeah.. irony and plenty of it.
you though seem really butt hurt about the way you are defending him... a touch of partisan defence there is it?

Comment Re:Gets worse near the end of the article (Score 2) 233

Who watches those TED talks? Most are boring as hell with people spouting off about ideas that are unrealistic.

There was one held here in Edinburgh, Scotland where they had the former finance Minister from Greece(ie the one that landed them in the shit) attemtping to tell everyone what the cure was.
I assume all he said was "do the opposite of what I did on office" and that was the shortest TED talk in history. /rollseyes

Comment Re:Just like a call center (Score 1) 74

It will run like any other call center does. Where each team of client support representatives, has a supervisor to handle the difficult problems, military will have supervisor that will take control and shoot.

erm.. no

Civilians are not allowed to pinpoint targets with lasers or fire missiles. They operate only Reapers that provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance,

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