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Comment Re:Not me (Score 2) 152

The way this works with British Telecom is that you have multiple SIDs on your router. There's one you connect to that you have control over, and there are also additional SIDs like "BTWifi-with-FON" and "BTWifi-X" with separate IP address and logging that you have no control over.
I think that BT internet customers have a free access to these all over the country and if they opt-out of this they can then get it disabled on their own home router. This way BT claims they literally have millions of WIFI access points all over the country, yet the experience is terrible if actually the network is on residential ADSL (upstream capped to 448kb/s for instance).

Incidentally I've wondered whether you could just replace their ADSL or VDSL (FTTC) router with something of your own without these additional access points and still been able to access their national network of access points for free.

Not quite the way it works bud. You DO have control over the public hotspot.. in settings you can turn it on or off.
/my advice would be to opt into the BT wifi scheme on the BT website, connect your router with it opted in. BT then gets a wee signal from it and you are then verified and allowed on the fon network and their partners worldwide. THEN.. turn the fucking public wifi off and you'll never have a problem.. it's only ever checked once

Also it's a trivial matter to change router. I have this puppy which is future proof enough for me, can handle any isp/connection type(adsl,vdsl, cable) and when you run the Asuswrt-Merlin firmware . it gives you a lot more settings to tweat and explore and is a pretty fucking rock solid router and it looks sweet :P
BTW your BT connection username and password is user = BT passie = user i shit you not.

I left BT and moved to talktalk... I know. they are SHITE but at 26 quids all in for 80mb down and 20mb up including phone charges(just tell them you will go to sky.. they'll give you an offer) and i am 60 meters by wire from the cabinet. I am in the process of getting all the other flats on my stair to sign up to ... only one more place out the six to get to sign up and it's happy fucking days for me :P.

also.. i can STILL use my BT-wifi/FON login anywhere in the world and it's been 6 months since i left BT and i've used it here in Scotland, in England,in Portugal, Denver,Houston, Amsterdam New Jersey and the Republic of Ireland. it's the gift that keeps on giving as the turds are too lazy to check status more than the initial one :P

Comment Re: Does it matter? (Score 4, Insightful) 668

They put aceteminophen in Tylenol on purpose to kill you if you try to get high on Tylenol. They don't need junkies messing up their reputation.

erm.. excuse me but Tylenol is but a trademarked name.. the generic name of it is...Acetaminophen....
so the fact that it's got Acetaminophen isn't surprising..... as that's what it is!

Submission + - homebase website goes titsup

Pax681 writes: Uk's DIY retailer Hombase's website has gone titsup.
the site sends you to a holding page with the following text


The website is temporarily unavailable
but will be back very soon! Please try again later.
If you need to get in touch:

0845 077 8888

Lines are open:

Monday to Friday: 8am — 8pm
Saturday: 9am — 5pm
Sunday: 10am — 4pm

And upon clicking the link to homebase it throws up the following error codes

Error Page Exception
SRVE0260E: The server cannot use the error page specified for your application to handle the Original Exception printed below.

Original Exception:
Error Message: SRVE0190E: File not found: /
Error Code: 404
Target Servlet: DefaultExtensionProcessor
Error Stack: /

and i was only looking for a length of worktop, a couple of end panels and a door! this has been since seven am this morning let's see if they can do it themselves and fix it!* it seems to be back up now but the link from the original handling page still throws up the error codes

Comment Re:bunch of naggers (Score 1) 121

You assholes re-elected the torie menace David Cameron, and he is going to COMPLETELY destroy your country.

Scotland didn't vote for them...yet we have to suffer them.. in fact we firmly rejected the westminster parties... 56 seats to the Scottish National Party.. 1 seat labour, liberal and tory.....

Comment Re: Screw your laws (Score 2) 193

The driver works and pays for the upkeep of the car and pays a weekly or monthly fee to the taxi company. .

Not quite.. the driver pays what is called(in Scotland anyway) a "weekly weigh in". this covers the rental of the car and the rental of the tech by which they will the clients(meter and bookings equipment) .
The mechanical upkeep of the car is in the hands of the owner of the vehicle and not the driver
the cleaning of the car is the drivers responsibility as is fuelling it.

Comment Re:ASUS still trendy (Score 1) 70

same here, ASUS is quality. at present i have an ASUS z97 sabertooth mk 1 mobo, ASUS ac68u router, my previous router ASUS again an RT N66U and i have an ASUS EA-N66 Ethernet adapter/wireless extender(i live in a VERY old apartment in Edinburgh's old town built in 1797 and the walls are literally rock solid.. not a hint of plasterboard) to extend the wireless to the back rooms. Also have an ASUS tablet and bought one for my sis at xmas.. they are great quality and they don't piss you around with support/returns

Comment erm.. really??? (Score 2) 130

Ars has an article about 2000 new developers

Linux has 2,000 new developers and gets 10,000 patches for each version Linux recently saw "busiest development cycle" in its history.
The new developers are helping fuel an ever-bigger Linux community, according to the latest Linux Kernel Development report, which will
be released today by the Linux Foundation. The report is expected to be available at THIS LINK .

Comment Re:Meanwhile in rural U.S. (Score 1) 132

LOL... sorry son yer a wee bit of an amateur...
If she was so loved as you seem to think... why were there street parties and even club nights to party when she died????
These things do not happen to popular people.
she asset stripped the country selling off the likes of BT at cut down rates.. most of the shares being bought up by her cronies, their hedge funds and the likes while offering a tiny amount of shares to the public.. just enough for them to think they are "in".. she DECIMATED industry and started the ball rolling on many other privatisations to come.. even the creeping privatisation of the NHS was started under her watch. splitting it down into smaller units and giving them borrowing powers.... designed to fail... don't take my word for it.. listen to an expert on that
Dr Lucy Reynolds is an expert on this
Luckily i live in Scotland where the NHS is run much better and we have a govt at Holyrood that seems to be very much on the ball with social justice issues unlike any of the twats from labour, the tories or the spineless lib-dems.
BTW I called you an amateur due to your piss poor attempt at a dig with your last sentence....

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