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Most of my professors had no real world experience, either. So, teaching things like team dynamics and working within a project schedule were really beyond their expertise. Granted, I've been quite successful, but I attribute most of that to my abilities, not what I learned in college. College just got me a piece of paper that opened the door.

This is why I'm thankful I basically flunked out of the CS program at Penn State and went into their IST program. I got a much more well-rounded education, learning everything from database normalization to computer networking to web app programming and XML integration. They usually let us use the languages and applications we felt most comfortable with.

Because of this, I am able to do pretty much everything from debugging Perl to setting up a database to writing a shell script to hardcore coding. (Right now I'm working on Fitnesse fixtures in Java.) And those folks in CS programs? They keep coming to me to fix their computers. They've got a great theoretical knowledge, but little working knowledge.

The Internet

+ - What Should our National Broadband Strategy Be?->

Paul writes: "Senator Durbin is asking for your input on the national broadband strategy. The site Open Left, who is hosting the discussion starting at 7PM EDT tonight, has proposed three principles for broadband in the US:

  • Broadband access must be universal and affordable;
  • We need to preserve an online environment for innovation; and
  • We need to ensure that broadband technology enables more voices to be heard.

What are your thoughts?"

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Microsoft WGA Phones Home Even When Told No 403 403

Aviran writes "When you start WGA setup and get to the license agreement page but decided NOT to install the highly controversial WGA component and cancel the installation, the setup program will send information stored in your registry and the fact that you choose not to install WGA back to Microsoft's servers."

Journal: Getting Cell Phone Reception in a Basement

I'm finishing a walk-out basement to live in. It's great because we can set it up and paint it like we want, and I can build in things like networks and speaker wiring to get the ultimate geek abode, and it's only $450 a month. The only problem is that we don't get cell phone reception, since we're at the bottom of a hill and we're encased in cinder block.

I'm still waiting for the advent of the computer science groupie.