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Comment: Delusions (Score 1) 1098

by PaulQuinn (#15346832) Attached to: US Releasing 9/11 Flight 77 Pentagon Crash Tape
(1) Shatter: I'm sure they did shatter. But into vapor? Whatever. And where did you pull this Mach 1+ stuff from? Every commercial airline pilot I've heard talk about manuvering a 757 into and out of a spiral dive at 500 MPH said the plane would not have withstood the forces. It could not make the manuver. Now you come up with, out of your ass, a Mach 1 figure. Use common sense man. Really.

(2) Dispersal: The wings shear near the fuselage, the engines are further out on the wings. Make yourself any model to reflect this setup, and manuver it through a hole the size of the fuselage. You will notice that the walls will not exurt a torquing force to the wings. The massive weight of the engines would also resist a torquing force if there was one. The wings would have been plucked off, or entered the building. But folding along the fuselage is as nutty as anything else. Use common sense and physics.

(3) Destroyed due to fire: Kerosene burns at low temp. You could burn titanium parts for years in kerosene and still tell what the original parts were.

I don't really care if arabs or bushies did 9/11. The only things giving me headaches these days are totally weak stories people are telling themselves and others in order for them to preserve whatever illusions they want to keep about this country. The only thing that is certain about 9/11 is that many people can't make the connection between the what they saw and what they were told. The others will tell themselves anything that is remotely plausible in order to not be burdened with knowing they are being lied to.

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