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Comment Re:Scalia, RIP. Leaves a large family and legacy. (Score 1) 551

I love doing therapeutic massage for people in pain.

That's interesting. I have a friend who's a really successful jazz bassist and makes a really good living doing session work. He went to study massage (shiatsu, etc) for the same reason. He says it has given him a renewed sense of purpose and has made his hands stronger and more dexterous, which is good for his bass playing. I was initially puzzled when he told me he was going to massage school, but now I get it.

Comment Re: But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 1) 331

ISIS represents a smaller percentage of the global Muslim population than did the KKK.

No, they don't. They have tens of thousands of fighters, and control a huge amount of territory including probably several million people. Since those people willingly allow themselves to be governed by ISIS, and there's zero evidence of any kind of resistance to their rule (from the Sunnis they govern), they can be considered ISIS citizens and sympathizers.

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