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by houghi (#47499823) Attached to: Russian Government Edits Wikipedia On Flight MH17

Do want to shut /. down? Because that is how you shut it down>
This is a discusion site. Discussions have by default speculations.

And welcome to (world) politics where people are pawns in a game they have no part in. (Although sometimes they tell you you do by 'voting'.)

Yes, speculation can easily be confused with facts by some peopel. Also think that if there was no speculation, many times there would also no be any incentive to bring up any proof. Speculate what would have happend in this case:
Everybody is waiting for evidence. Nobody does any staements and speculates who-dun-it.

The result would be that nobody would be willing to look into it.

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by PopeRatzo (#47496283) Attached to: States That Raised Minimum Wage See No Slow-Down In Job Growth

It had nothing to do with the invention of self-service pumps.


Economic data is historical data. It can produce correlations, never, ever Cause and Effect. Someone please design for me a control system based on correlational data.

In other words, "I can't produce any data showing where job growth slowed or people lost jobs because of a higher minimum wage, thus all data is garbage".

Which is why the economic growth rate is, over the last 100 years, inversely correlated with the power of economists and our government.

You think it's economists who are behind the movements to raise the minimum wage? You think government wants this and working people are against it? Maybe you should look at this:

"On minimum wage, voters support raising the federally mandated minimum, 72 percent to 27 percent, including a majority of Republicans, who support it 52 percent to 45 percent"

And surprisingly, even 61% of small business owners support raising the minimum wage. Now why would that be?

Your argument that a raise in the minimum wage is something thought up by economists and government is just provably wrong.

Which is why the economic growth rate is, over the last 100 years, inversely correlated with the power of economists and our government.

You complain about "correlations not being causation" and then come up with THAT argument, which is based on a spurious correlation? Every rise in the minimum wage has been not the result of eggheads in government, but because of a groundswell of demand from the people who are, you know, actually doing the work.

There's not a single person in national elected office, House, Senate, or White House who has a PhD in Economics. Not one. There are people with other kinds of PhDs and professional doctorates, but not one single economist. But, you argue, economists control everything. Here's a correlation for you, "People who espouse neoliberal economic theories are highly likely to throw any kind of argument at the wall, based on no data or even any kind of provable theory." If anything, if you want spurious arguments and assertions based on nothing but feelings and doctrine, go to an Austrian School economist or someone who believes that crap.

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by PopeRatzo (#47496187) Attached to: States That Raised Minimum Wage See No Slow-Down In Job Growth

If all you have available to "give" are poor imitations of intelligent debate,

For a group of people who love throwing around words like, "Marxist" and "Tyranny" and "Collectivist" and "Fascist" and "Moochers" and "Leeches" and "Parasites", I'm not sure you're in a position to judge what is and what is not intelligent debate.

Yes, what passes for a libertarian in 2014 is a thin-skinned mental undergrad with a grudge. A Republican who read once read a book. Any push back at all and they holler, "Mom, he's hitting me back!" Bitter and brittle, they march around just knowing that society could be so wonderful and free...if only. Protected by the notion that they'll never have to actually perform. And whenever libertarian policies are put in place, the resultant failure is always blamed on not having gone far enough. So, if only they had really gone a few steps further, it totally would have worked. In that way, they are just like the handful of hard core communists left. "If only they had really gone all the way with libertarianism/communism, it would totes have worked". It's actually a lot like your basic extremist follower of any other New Age belief. "The coffee enemas would have cured their cancer, but they just didn't stick closely enough to the regimen." Or, "The faith healing would have totally worked, but the patient didn't have enough faith." It's an argument that can never be won, which is why most people have given up and have just taken to ignoring them.

There is a reason no society in the world, in history, has ever tried to fully implement a fully libertarian system. Because even those most desperate for liberty - especially those most desperate for liberty - can recognize full-blown crazy when they see it. But I have to say, it would be a great treat to see a libertarian live for one day in such a society.

There's also a reason that of all the times the John Galts of the world have decided that they're going to create some floating libertarian utopia somewhere beyond the evil grip of the choking fist of government around their skinny necks, it's never ever happened. Because in the marketplace of ideas it loses every single time. Even libertarians know the idea is crazy, but they've become in love with the vast amount of self-regard that such a philosophy affords them, safe in the knowledge that they'll never be called upon to actually, you know, live like that.

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by PopeRatzo (#47495289) Attached to: States That Raised Minimum Wage See No Slow-Down In Job Growth

No, but i can tell you when I worked at a mcdonalds as a kid, min wage was 4:80 or something close to that. NY raised it to 7 bucks, the cost of all the food rose by a dollar overnight, the dollar menu was taken down and 3 people did get fired.

As you say, "Personal stories are by no means indicitive of the entire situation, "

but thats one example of what happens when you raise min wage

Except, it's never worked out that way, except in your fond memories of working in McDonald's as a kid. Prices never rise in proportion to increases in minimum wage, because wages are only one part of the cost of doing business. In fact, a rather small part, about 20%.

People who are against raising the minimum wage can give you all sorts of theories about how it's going to hurt the economy, but it has never worked out that way. Not at the low end of the scale, not at the high end, and not in the middle.

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by PopeRatzo (#47494165) Attached to: States That Raised Minimum Wage See No Slow-Down In Job Growth

Stop bellyaching. When your reply contains a list of fallacies, you've already lost. This is give and take, not a debating society.

If the shoe fits, wear it. Why are libertarians so famously thin-skinned? I get the impression that if they ever found themselves in the kind of society they promote, they would have one very bad, very short day.

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by PopeRatzo (#47493991) Attached to: States That Raised Minimum Wage See No Slow-Down In Job Growth

With the govt created inflation and its political game to make it look like it cares and thus raising minimum wage over time these jobs disappeared.

It had nothing to do with the invention of self-service pumps.

Minimum wage is minimum ability and it is a barrier to entry into the job market.

Except, that's never been the case. You can not point to any increase in minimum wage in history that has depressed the job market on the low end. It has never happened.

But that will never stop you from repeating the lie.

Plenty jobs would exist just fine without minimum wage

It's not like we don't have data. Plenty good jobs selling apples on the street were available when there was no minimum wage. Of course, a fair number of those workers starved, or lived in horrible poverty conditions, but that's just the Invisible Hand of the Free Market (aka, "goatse").

Comment: Look into adequate vitamin D for joint pain (Score 1) 513

And also eating more vegetables and fruits (such as Dr. Joel Fuhrman's work or Dr. Andrew Weil's work) to reduce inflammation. You might also be sensitive to some compounds in food, such as in the nightshade family (like tomatoes) or possibly other things (food additives, etc.)

If you want true alternatives. gold and guns/ammo won't help. All that can be confiscated.

I collected some better solutions at this link and elsewhere on my site:
"This article explores the issue of a "Jobless Recovery" mainly from a heterodox economic perspective. It emphasizes the implications of ideas by Marshall Brain and others that improvements in robotics, automation, design, and voluntary social networks are fundamentally changing the structure of the economic landscape. It outlines towards the end four major alternatives to mainstream economic practice (a basic income, a gift economy, stronger local subsistence economies, and resource-based planning). These alternatives could be used in combination to address what, even as far back as 1964, has been described as a breaking "income-through-jobs link". This link between jobs and income is breaking because of the declining value of most paid human labor relative to capital investments in automation and better design. Or, as is now the case, the value of paid human labor like at some newspapers or universities is also declining relative to the output of voluntary social networks such as for digital content production (like represented by this document). It is suggested that we will need to fundamentally reevaluate our economic theories and practices to adjust to these new realities emerging from exponential trends in technology and society."

Learning more about health creation for yourself falls in part under subsistence production... And also the gift economy,,,

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