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Comment: Re:Is a reduction (Score 4, Informative) 58

by hey! (#49772855) Attached to: Bats' White-Nose Syndrome May Be Cured

As ShanghaiBill says, Bats aren't rodents. I'll just add that bats and rodents are about as taxonomically unrelated as two mammals can possibly be.

Bats are more closely related to horses, bears, rhinos, even whales -- like most mammals they're members of the huge and diverse superorder Laurasiatheria. Rodents are in the much smaller superorder Euarchontoglires, the only non-extinct members of which are: rodents, rabbits, hares, pikas, tree shrews, flying lemurs, and the various primates.

Comment: Re: Great Recession part II? (Score 1) 670

by Cyberax (#49772733) Attached to: Greece Is Running Out of Money, Cannot Make June IMF Repayment

The Fed has caused a series of bubbles by fucking with interest rates. Latin American debt, the dot-com bubble, and the most recent real-estate bubble are just three in a series going back to the Fed's inception.

Prove it. Prove that Fed's action have directly caused the recent bubble. So far the evidence that the cause was your child-raping activities is so much more plausible.

Also, anyone who provides links to Mises to explain something is a moron.

Comment: Re:females operate on emotion, not logic (Score 1) 338

I actually know something about the material at hand. The meta-studies of sources reveal that most of the data about who initiated the conflict is BS: http://www.domestic-violence.m... see page 20 (table 5) and further. It turns out that men under-report it (duh) and so you can't rely on that data.

And even your article shows that men are more likely to inflict serious injuries or use weapons.

Comment: Re:females operate on emotion, not logic (Score -1) 338

No, I haven't made it up. For example, see here: http://www.strengthenoursister... I've seen this number lots of times in various studies and have little reason to doubt it.

And 'initiated by women' is so fucking bullshit, that you should be ashamed of yourself and crawl back into your cave. If a woman berates his boyfriend for being drunk and he beats her in turn - that still is 'initiated by women'.

Comment: Re: Great Recession part II? (Score 1) 670

by Cyberax (#49770531) Attached to: Greece Is Running Out of Money, Cannot Make June IMF Repayment

Coming from you, that carries no weight at all.

Unlike you, I actually understand the economy. How that hyperinflation that you predicted is going so far, by the way?

All enabled by the Fed. You really weren't paying attention, were you?

No. It was not 'enabled by the Fed' in any way. Not even in the 'it failed to regulate them' way.

Without the Fed holding down the interest rates by inflating the currency, rising rates would have limited the pyramiding of debt on debt.

Dude, if you had at least two brain cells you could have checked this hypothesis easily. The only way Fed could 'keep rates low' is by buying securities using newly created money. This kind of intervention should be easy to check.

So let's check the evidence: - there was no explosive increase in the M1 aggregate until the QE policies started post-2008. And even M2 aggregate shows nothing unusual:

Actually, I believe that you caused the 2008 crisis by raping little children in a DC kindergarten. That theory has about the same connection to reality as your ramblings.

Comment: Re:Okay... (Score 1) 389

by hey! (#49769947) Attached to: D.C. Police Detonate Man's 'Suspicious' Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers have actually made a comeback among foodies. The difference from grandma's pressure cooking style is that times for anything but pot roast are *extremely* short. For example if you're cooking broccoli it's done after two minutes at pressure. Grandma would have kept the broccoli in the pressure cooker for five minutes and removed it as a pale gelatinous goo.

A pressure cooker is a good acquisition when you're setting up a kitchen because even though you might use it only a couple of times a month, if you don't lock down the lid what you have is just a nice, heavy pot. Slow cooked is still the way to go for chili, but if you don't have eight hours you can get passable results in well under an hour with a pressure cooker.

Comment: Re:I'll believe it when I see it... (Score 1) 117

by Rei (#49767671) Attached to: India Ends Russian Space Partnership and Will Land On the Moon Alone

Its not that simple. You can't just recover it from nuclear reactor waste because it's mixed in with other isotopes of plutonium, and isn't in that great of quantities to begin with. So first off you have to reprocess nuclear waste to extract the neptunium - which again, itself isn't in very great quantities, it takes a lot of waste, and most places don't want to do waste reprocessing to begin with due to cost and liability issues. You then have to make neptunium targets and expose them to a neutron flux - that is, using neutronicity that could otherwise be used for power generation or other valuable purposes (it takes a lot of neutrons to make a tiny bit of Pu238). Pu238 should be more thought of as a manufactured product than as a byproduct of particular types of nuclear reactors.

There are a few other candidates for use as space power sources that actually are waste products, but they're all significantly worse performers. There are two other alternatives. One is to make a Sterling RTG, which was in development, but funding has been cut off (it's also kind of tricky because you have to ensure that something with moving parts will operate for decades in the harsh environment of space). The other is to make an actual nuclear reactor. This means almost limitless power, but it comes at the expense of not only massive development costs and public opposition, but a large minimum size and massive radiator requirements, as well as the same reliability challenges of sterling generators.

There's no easy solutions. Except, of course, to stop bloody wasting plutonium once we have it.

Comment: Re: Great Recession part II? (Score 2) 670

by Cyberax (#49767103) Attached to: Greece Is Running Out of Money, Cannot Make June IMF Repayment

So the solution was the fed pumped vast amounts of money into the system and looked the other way when finance companies were essentially insolvent. A lot of debt got restructured. One group did get punished, under water home buyers were locked in and either had to scrap up enough money to pay or go bankrupt and lose every cent invested.

Yep. Fed actually took over several large financial companies and government provided emergency fiscal stimulus to kick-start the stalled economy. As a result, the recession in the US was not as deep as it could have been.

Europe instead drank the Ayn Rand Koolaid wholesale and went with hard austerity, never mind stimuli. Results are obvious: At this point Greece should just exit the Eurozone and leave Germany to pick up the pieces.

Comment: Re: Germany should pay war reparations for WWII (Score 2) 670

by Cyberax (#49767075) Attached to: Greece Is Running Out of Money, Cannot Make June IMF Repayment
There is NO obligation to switch to euro. And there are no fiscal targets for countries that don't plan to do it, so Croatia happily stays with its Kuna, Hungary with foring and Poland with zloty. So far these countries fare much better than peripheral countries that adopted the euro (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, etc.)

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