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Comment: Re:Obsession (Score 1) 142

by Patent Lover (#48477187) Attached to: Australia Elaborates On a New Drift Model To Find MH370
There's nothing that they can find that will tell what happened. If the aircraft flew 7 hours after it lost contact with ground than the cockpit voice recorders are useless as they would only have the last two hours of the flight. The flight data recorders would only show the plane going down where it was found. We all abhor a mystery but finding the plane will not remedy the situation.

Comment: Repubs (Score 1) 468

by Patent Lover (#48285039) Attached to: Boo! The House Majority PAC Is Watching You
Clearly this person registered as a Repub (which is a public record) and they want you to spread the word. The Repubs need recruits in NJ. I live in Virginia where you don't have to declare a party. They try to figure out who their friends are by sending out letters purporting to be a "survey". They have a bar coded serial number on them. It has questions that are the usual drivel such as "Do you believe in socialized medicine?" I just cut out the barcode and send back the post paid envelope with "FUCK YOU" written with a sharpie.

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