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Submission + - Canada Needs to Reinvent CRTC: Outgoing Head (

Patchw0rk F0g writes: "Canada's outgoing CRTC head, Konrad von Finckenstein has some choice (Canadian) words for his successor: Internet and wireless technology has disarmed federal regulators of their weapons to protect cultural identity. The retiring Finckenstein cites over-the-top broadcasting, new Internet technologies and (perhaps most importantly) the fact that the CRTC is antiquated and can't keep up with these emerging technologies as factors in the (still)-growing culture-loss of Canada to the U.S. "We have now moved into an era where the consumer is in control, and where thanks to the Internet and mobile devices, you cannot control access any more," he said in one of his last interviews.

As a Canadian, I welcome our new American overlords, but really? Culture loss is the CRTC's biggest problem? Methinks the possibility of a Canuck sewage-filled silo of censorship á la SOPA and PIPA would be more on their radar as "something we should probably keep a weather eye out for," because... well, that's the culture of the U.S. right now, isn't it?"

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