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Submission + - RoundCube starts crowfunding for next iteration->

Parker Lewis writes: RoundCube, one of the most used open source webmails, started a crowfunding campaign in Indiegogo with the goal of deliver the next and improved version, called RoundCube Next, with focus in a better UI and collaboration. The campaign is leaded by Aaron Seigo, one of the KDE stars.
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Submission + - Ubuntu Edge now fixed at U$695->

Parker Lewis writes: According the last Ubuntu Edge update, "with 14 days to go, it’s time for our biggest announcement yet. From now until the end of the campaign, we’re fixing the price of the Ubuntu Edge at $695! No limited quantities, no more price changes. You wanted a more affordable Edge, and now you’ve got it". Can Canonical reach U$32 mi, with 14 days left?
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Submission + - Canonical started Crowdfunding for Ubuntu Edge Smartphone->

Parker Lewis writes: Canonical started a IndieGoGo campaign to crowdfund a U$ 32 million campaign required (according Canonical) to deliver the Ubuntu Smartphone (called Ubuntu Edge).

You can donate any amount, but the "deal of the day" is get a Ubuntu smartphone for U$ 630, available for this value only for day one. Configuration: 4GB RAM, 4 kernels CPU, 128GB storage, 1280x720 screen, two cams, HDMI port. Including dualboot with Android.

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Submission + - PHP 5.3 released->

Parker Lewis writes: "PHP 5.3 is finally released, with some long waited features like namespaces (with the unpopular backslash as namespace separator), late static binding, closures, optional garbage collection for cyclic references, new extensions (like ext/phar, ext/intl and ext/fileinfo), over 140 bug fixes and much more. As you can imagine, some old pieces will be broken."
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Submission + - Spell Corrector in Java->

Parker Lewis writes: "Peter Norvig recently published an article explaning how spelling corrector works (like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo uses in their search engines). Peter Norvig produced a nicely 21 python lines program. My version is Java, and has 45 lines: not so beautiful/elegant as the Norvig code, not so huge as the C implementation."
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Submission + - Is Groovy really groovy?

Parker Lewis writes: In the current days it's possible find a lot of marketing about the new blessed Java language: Groovy. I was searching more details about it, and I find this article. Steve, the author (and currently a Google employee), developed a little game (Sokoban), using all utilizable languages running over the Java Virtual Machine. The impressions about Groovy was not very good. The complete set of articles can be read here.

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