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Comment Re: e-Voting (Score 1) 190

My English is a bit bad and I didn't read the entire article (while I've read a bunch of blockchain articles in the last months). But in a quick search, I was not able to find mention to this (using the keywords that came to my mind). So, this is a truth question: can you point me where? I mean, a sentence/keyword that I can search in the text.

Comment Re:Why emojis/emoticons are in Unicode? (Score 2) 262


I can comprehend the demand, just cannot comprehend why insert in Unicode table. It's used for "official", spoken charset languages, not trend.

Can you realize how bad will if we got the 90's emoticons on it, then after they got no more used, inflate Unicode with all the internet 2000's expressions too, and then very new decade, the new trend inflating Unicode after the old one got no more used?

Why not keep Unicode for the languages charsets, and create a separate table for this kind of demand?

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