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Comment I hear all the long intro and... (Score 1) 156

I hear all the long intro, usually like "My name is Joe, this call is being recorded, and I'm talking in name of Company Acme, bla bla bla". Then, when they ask me "sir, can you give me your address to pick this offer?", I answer with:

"If this call is recorded, then listen: NO, I DON'T WANT! Thank you, have a good day!" and then I press the button to finish the call.

It's better than just turn off the call: they'll return another day.

Comment Re: e-Voting (Score 1) 190

My English is a bit bad and I didn't read the entire article (while I've read a bunch of blockchain articles in the last months). But in a quick search, I was not able to find mention to this (using the keywords that came to my mind). So, this is a truth question: can you point me where? I mean, a sentence/keyword that I can search in the text.

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