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Comment: Hope someone big in open source buy the company (Score 1) 59

by Parker Lewis (#47613275) Attached to: Digia Spinning Off Qt Division Into New Company

I usually heard how nice is to develop using Qt. How it's easy, community friendly, last surprise, etc. But I never saw the big guys interest in the Qt owner.

Just wondering if a better future would be in the landscape if some big company with good open source compromise (in theory) like Intel buy Qt.

Comment: Re:Still a hurtle (Score 1) 41

But your managers already heard of someone that filled a bug in any MS product and get it fixed? But a real case with link to it, not the urban legend "I have a friend that found a bug on IIS and MS fixed it. Who will fix a bug on Apache?".

And, in the other side, your company can, for sure, make contracts with big Open Source guys, like Red Hat and Canonical.

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