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I knew one very talented programmer in the 90's who was taking every short-term consulting job he could find. There was a shortage of talent and he had built a great reputation for reliability, so he often took on several jobs at once and was good enough to get them done properly and on time. He commanded crazy-high rates and sunk everything he made into the markets.

Then one day in late 1999 he said "You know what? I have enough." He cashed out everything and retired at 39. He readily admits there was no foresight in it, he just got lucky and cashed out at the top.

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by Paradise Pete (#47481095) Attached to: New Treatment Stops Type II Diabetes

Pretty much the only way to avoid that in most cases is to eat so little that you aren't meeting your daily caloric needs, which means you'd need to starve yourself to death in order to avoid taking insulin.

Well that's certainly not true. You can eat plenty of meat, eggs, spinach, broccoli, olive oil and much much more.

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by Paradise Pete (#47447191) Attached to: How To Fix The Shortage of K-5 Scholastic Chess Facilitators

The argument made in that article that chess is somehow good for the goals of "STEM" makes me laugh out loud

I have to agree with this. I was a successful player as a student; my high school team won the national championship, I won an individual state championship, and before this article I had no idea there was even anything called a "chess facilitator."
Chess was not in any way a "gateway to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics." Other than the satisfaction and enjoyment of the chess itself, the one other thing it did for me later was give me a couple of big breaks in my career, as I unknowingly (at the time) impressed somebody during some casual games.
Anything I learned about "science, technology, engineering and mathematics" I learned in spite of playing chess, not because of it.

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