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Comment: Re:I'm not going to stand for this (Score 5, Funny) 310

by Paradise Pete (#46778445) Attached to: Switching From Sitting To Standing At Your Desk
I once had a job that involved a lot of standing. One day the boss brought in some shoes for us to wear.
As we put them on one guy said "What's the difference? These are just regular old shoes," but it turned out they were actually orthopedic shoes, and so he said "Well then, I stand corrected."

Comment: Re:Obligatory Fight Club (Score 1) 357

by Paradise Pete (#46620101) Attached to: An Engineer's Eureka Moment With a GM Flaw
If you manufacture cars, some people are going to die in them. And some of those people would not have had you made the vehicle be safer. And had you made it safer, some others would still have died because you did not make it safer still. Etc.

There is little limit to how much safer things can be. Everything is a tradeoff. You do it in your own life a hundred times a day.

Comment: Re:Education funding and excessive medicallisation (Score 1) 558

Understanding that there is something like an "autistic spectrum" was indeed great progress. But we now need to learn (or rather re-learn) that there is also a "normal spectrum". And they may overlap

How could they possibly overlap? Are you saying someone could somehow be in the normal spectrum, yet be more autistic than someone in the autistic spectrum?

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It's why an F1 driver can walk away from plowing into a concrete wall at 300kph with just a hollow spike of material a few feet long between himself and the wall.

And if the cars were carrying lithium-ion batteries they would catch fire, which is the point here, irrespective of any LOLWUTs.

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But roughs sure do. And that is where the two fires started - in the dry rough where there were most definitely rocks.

The only club with titanium is the driver, and that's used on the tee only. Using it in the rough is extremely unusual. It's very unlikely that two different fires were set by someone (a) deciding to hit driver from the rock-strewn rough, (b) creating a spark, and (c) that spark starting a smoldering fire.

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