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Comment: Re:AI has great chances (Score 1) 89

Poker games take time (hours), people grow tired, computers don't.

This is a good point. Computers have no emotion, either. Even the best human players are affected to some small degree by their emotions, especially when they are tired.

People struggle at memorizing chances, taking shortcuts, computers have exact picture talking into account every single bit.

Not much of an issue in Hold 'em. Good players can handle those odds with little effort.

All one needs is behavior that is random enough, for human players not to guess if computer is bluffing.

You of course don't want the human to be able to guess when the computer is bluffing, but it's certainly not "all one needs." Not by a long shot.

Then, of course, there is luck factor, so results will fluctuate quite a bit.

Yes. They'll be playing 1500 hands per day, but in no limit hold 'em the outcome often comes down to a handful of key hands.

Comment: Re:They spend $10B/year on research (Score 3, Informative) 101

by Paradise Pete (#49551283) Attached to: Microsoft Increases Android Patent Licensing Reach

MS probably spends more on political lobbying, advertising, and marketing than they spend on research.

For extraordinarily small values of probably. Lobbying is measured in millions, unlike the billions for research. And for whatever it's worth, Google spends more on lobbying than Microsoft does. Or anybody else.

Comment: Re:But why is there only one spot like this? (Score 1) 45

by Paradise Pete (#49550247) Attached to: Mystery of the Coldest Spot In the CMB Solved explains it all. It's essentially blogspot disguised as a news site.

I don't think Medium has ever purported to be a news site. It's doesn't look like one, it doesn't cover the news. It's a collection of stories. Not news stories, just stories. Thinking otherwise "explains it all".

Comment: Re:Solution looking for a problem? (Score 1) 170

by Paradise Pete (#49549541) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches
I had the same notion. Originally I was considering the midrange Watch (stupid names they used make it so hard to talk about!), but after seeing early reviews from people I trust I look on this one as a "throwaway." I got the cheapest one, and will then take a fresh look when gen 2 comes out. I expect it will be more like gen 2.5, as the current one was delayed by perhaps six months or so, and the hardware frozen long ago.
For $350 less whatever I can sell it for, I didn't even really consider not getting one. I don't expect to be thrilled, but I expect it to be useful.

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