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Comment Re:23% of the company (Score 1) 471

If they were fined billions of dollars the stock would plummet. Not only for the initial cost, but for the exposure to litigation and other liabilities. An $18B fine would bankrupt it. Not that that's going to happen, of course. Some settlement will be reached, perhaps with some "rogue" employee being made a scapegoat. (or an "escape goat," as my niece likes to say)

Comment Re:Google is becoming irrelevant (Score 1) 165

I think the point is still Google has lost [some of] its relevanc[e].

"Relevancy" is said only by those who don't understand the root word. And not everything is an extreme. One event does not make the point that Google has lost all of its relevance. You do get points for properly spelling its, though.

Comment Re:Concorde 2.0 (Score 3, Interesting) 238

destined to meet the same ultimate demise for the same reasons. Too expensive, too noisy.

I imagine it will be targeted at high-priced trans-oceanic flights. It doesn't have to reach mach 1 until out over the ocean. I make those trips (at regular speeds of course) all the time, and my recovery time is getting longer and longer as I get older. This will be no doubt out of my price range, but for those who can afford it it's a big gain in productivity.

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