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+ - Amazon Announces New Geeky Toy List->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Amazon has included some geek-friendly gifts on their new 2013 Top Toy List — including a Barbie Doll with a programmable LED dress and an Angry Birds Advent Calendar. (It comes with its own real-life launcher that you can use to hurl the miniature Angry Bird figurines into your own stacks of blocks.) Also featured are a password-protected journal for girls from Mattel that has a built-in voice recognition technology, plus an ultraviolet light that lets them write with invisible ink."
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+ - DARPA issues $2mil Cyber Grand Challenge

Submitted by Papa Fett
Papa Fett (3407031) writes "DARPA announced the Cyber Grand Challenge (CGC)--the first-ever tournament for fully automatic network defense systems. International teams will compete to build systems that reason about software flaws, formulate patches and deploy them on a network in real time. Teams would be scored against each other based on how capably their systems can protect hosts, scan the network for vulnerabilities, and maintain the correct function of software. The winning team would receive a cash prize of $2 million, with second place earning $1 million and third place taking home $750,000. If DARPA is as successful as they were with their Grand Challenge of self driving cars, according to The Register, "it's Brown trousers time for some in antivirus industry.""

+ - Microsoft is testing a prototype of an eyewear device to rival Google Glass

Submitted by rjmarvin
rjmarvin (3001897) writes "An inside source revealed Microsoft is acquiring cameras and other technology from Asian component manufacturers, to create and test its own wearable eye-computing device http://sdt.bz/65253. The device is still a ways away from mass production, but where Microsoft has lagged behind Android, Apple and Samsung in smartphones and tablets, they want to get ahead of the game with wearable technology. Since Google Glass http://sdt.bz/64050 is still a few months away, the eyewear market is open season."

+ - Startup Pirates - Changing the world one entrepreneur at a time.->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Startup Pirates is a one-week program that enables aspiring entrepreneurs to get inside the startup world and learn how to develop a business idea.
With a very hands-on approach and the support of a large community of experienced entrepreneurs, we combine workshops and mentoring with a clear focus on accelerating the development of startups. After the programs, our network of partners supports the teams on their quest to thrive."

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