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+ - Get started with two nerdy hobbies at once. The HamShield for Arduino!-> 3 3

belial writes: For the past year, Casey Halverson, Morgan Redfield and Nigel Vander Houwen have been working on a not-actually-secret project at Seattle's Metrix Create:Space. The HAMShield for Arduino, a shield that incorporates a SDR and low noise amplifier in the VHF and UHF bands!

In the first 12 hours of it being on Kickstarter, it passed the halfway mark, pretty much guaranteeing its funding. What would you make with one of these if you had one, and how do you think this is going to change the Amateur Radio landscape?

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Comment: intranet or localhost? (Score 1) 142 142

How long will it take for someone to grease the right hands and get a hold of .intranet or .localhost?

This whole scenario seems to only benefit the pockets of ICANN execs. So why wouldn't they start allowing domains that could seriously break stuff if the price was right?

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