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Comment Re:Benefit to end users? (Score 1) 165

Oh Ya? How about SJW Linux where all resources are shared and have equal priority!

For far too long, Linux has discriminated against "differently abled" code, with all its segregationist notions of kernel-vs-userspace. And even within userspace, could the very word "permissions" get any closer to "privilege"???

At long last, viruses we have historically relegated to the slums of Windows will finally have the right to run in the ivory sandbox of Linux - We need "Runtime Justice" for all code, whether CLI or GUI, whether drivers or devices, whether signed or malware!

There is no such thing as an "illegal" instruction!

Comment Re:None of the people I know that Like this Show.. (Score 1) 319

The problem with BBT is the lazy writing and shoddy two dimensional characters. They lean on so many tropes it's like watching a drunk man trying to escort a paraplegic through an obstacle course.

Which is pretty much how I define all forms of sitcom -- at their core, it's the same 50 year old jokes and gags, and just minor variations on the theme.

The characters and situations change, but if you watch most sitcoms you can pretty much see the setup for the same old jokes happen all the time. Over and over and over. I stopped watching sitcoms years ago because of this ... I tried to watch BBT a few times, but other than the context, you still see a lot of the same stuff you would have seen in the 70s and 80s.

I probably watched too many when I was a kid. Now I can't watch any of them. Sitcoms just automatically generate a very loud "next" in my brain.

Comment Re:Laughable (Score 1) 118

Do you have a point, or are you just butthurt that not everyone has the same starry-eyed worship for capitalism?

You sure as HELL don't seem to be conversant with what it takes to pay the unconscionably through-the-roof costs of feeding yourself and warming yourself in the winter. Food prices and heating oil prices are through the roof. I don't thank selfish bastards for making themselves rich at my unavoidable expense. It's called realism, son.

Comment Re:Laughable (Score 3, Insightful) 118

Google is just doing what any corporation does. The bottom line is their own aggrandizement. Anything they can get away with to that end they will do. Why do you have this fantasy that they are special?

Capitalism is all about strife and self-interest. It's inherent in the system. You can but-but that by bringing up the "invisible hand of the market", but it is a truism.

Comment Re:This ruling won't fix anything (Score 2) 118

being a US company

These gigantic corporations are not "U.S. companies" by any stretch of the imagination - if that term even has any meaning at all any more. They are me-first entities whose only allegiance is to themselves, and they operate globally with complete cynicism. If they can't defy regulations in secret (VW?) or win their case in court (Microsoft) or co-opt authorities and get regulations changed openly or behind the curtain, they will accommodate the players who are large enough that their citizens and corporations can't be forgone as customers. And that certainly includes both Europe and the U.S.

Comment Re:Facebook SHOULD require real names (Score 1) 176

I wonder if posting this crap as AC you appreciate the hypocrisy and irony inherent in that?

There is no valid reason for demanding pseudonymity except you have something to hide and are up to no good.

Ah, the battle cry of idiots and fascists ... if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

Comment Re:This ruling won't fix anything (Score 1) 118

Optimistic USian here, still behind prodding my government back to a place worthy of repect in the World

You don't think Trump or any of the other likely Republican contenders would fundamentally change this stuff, do you? I happen to believe Cruz and possibly Paul would have some effect, but neither one has a snowball's chance in hell of getting anywhere. Certainly Clinton or Biden would wholeheartedly continue the lowering of the dark curtain over the U.S. Sanders I think would try to make meaningful changes but get nowhere against Congress.

if we don't improve out international reputation, we won't long have as many European allies

The U.S. is already a sick joke throughout the world, including Europe. This declaration reinforces that.

Comment Re:Obvious ruling (Score 1, Insightful) 118

the companies in question are found to be colluding with criminal organizations like the NSA

I like the way you express yourself. The problem is that every citizen of the United States is in collusion with a rogue illegitimate government operating in blatant disregard for its own goddam Constitution and in open enmity to the people, for countenancing this abomination of an oligarchy without rising up and overthrowing it. Certainly the voters are, every time they vote for an establishment cog to be part of the vast conspiracy.

Just to make it clear that this is an observation, not a rallying cry, I am too, because I can't even imagine myself in open rebellion. Such is the way the ascendancy of evil undermines vitality.

Comment Re:Virgin Galactic raised taxes? (Score 1) 175

What the fuck does race have to do with whether or not the locals count as complete morons for trusting "Sir" Branson during one of his manic episodes?

I don't have the slightest clue what race makes up the majority of that area, but I too would call them "stupid and greedy".

Comment Re:This ruling won't fix anything (Score 4, Interesting) 118

Simply keeping the data in the EU won't fix anything so long as that data is still being held by US controlled entities, as those entities will still be forced to hand over the data regardless of where it is (lets face it, Microsofts battle against that particular issue is destined to fail).

And then those entities will be in violation of EU law, and will end up paying massive fines or other penalties ... which would hopefully be severe. So severe as to cripple the companies.

See, no matter what the US believes, they can't trump the EU law. So if Microsoft's battle to not hand over this data fails, Microsoft in Europe will fail. It really is that simple.

And at the end of the day, the corporations are going go realize they can't jeopardize their revenue by pulling out of those markets.

The US doesn't get to pass laws which trump local laws any more than Iran does. And the US can't exempt those entities from local laws, which means this will come down to corporate self interest versus a government who feels it is entitled to collect this information.

So the bottom line is: too damned bad for the US, because once Microsoft in Europe starts getting fined billions of dollars and people start getting thrown in jail, they're very quickly going to realize they can't do it.

It really is about time the world tells the US that our privacy and legally protected rights don't take a back seat to US security interests. We don't give a shit what the US wants.

Comment So don't use your real name ... (Score 1) 176

Look, here's the thing: Make up a plausible sounding name, create a gmail account with that name and link it to it.

Just how much do you think Facebook can actually check this shit? Does anybody believe there aren't already fake names?

Yes, it's a stupid policy ... so ignore it.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 3, Insightful) 754

You know, if in my place work work I had to put up with "You're being a fuckwad. Don't do this." my response is going to come down to "why do I have to listen to whiny little children not capable of communicating like adults?" I'm sorry, but in the real world there is an expectation people will act like grown ups. In fact, there's probably an HR department and some labor laws which say you are required to act like grownups. Your ass will be out on the street if you act like this.

This whole bullshit of women should just suck it up because that's how the world works? Guess what, in the real world ... like corporations where people have jobs ... there isn't this anywhere but self entitled assholes on the internet.

The Linux developers might think they live in a microcosm where acting like a childish asshole is commonplace. But it's important to realize this has NOTHING to do with pretty much anything else. That the internet is full of assholes doesn't mean in real corporations with real people with real jobs get away with acting like this.

Trash talk is NOT how things happen in the real world. And a bunch of self entitled idiots claiming acting like self entitled idiots is normal doesn't make it true.

The fact that there's no adult supervision and people keep believing they can act like out of control high school students is the problem here.

If you haven't already learned to interact with people in a civil manner, the get out of your mother's basement, and learn that shit like this will get you fired from a real job. Working on the Linux kernel is not free license to be a major asshole and a social halfwit.

So maybe the problem is the idiots who think this is a problem with women. Because you sure as hell wouldn't expect to get away with this in any corporate setting; not even a little bit.

Seriously, people, grow the hell up. You likely already have people enforcing some degree of civility on you, because pretty much no organization is going to put up with this shit.

Comment Re:Who actually wants this? (Score 1) 63

Well if it means we're going from small devices with small apps and small amounts of resources to suddenly making them full on desktop machines, I just don't see the point.

You can put anything you want on your device, me, I'm looking at this and thinking if Android starts to need as much resources as a full-on Windows machine it has a very good chance of wrecking the whole platform.

Tablets aren't laptops. If you want a laptop, get one. But please don't screw up the whole platform as suddenly there' needs to be tens of gigs of space to install crap like this.

Small, lightweight apps on lower resource devices is what mobile has been doing. This just seems to reverse all of that.

Comment Who actually wants this? (Score 1, Troll) 63

For the better part of three years there has been talk about running Wine on Android to bring Windows x86 programs to Android phones/tablets, and it's going to become a reality. CodeWeavers is planning to release CrossOver For Android before the end of the year.

You know, if you want all this stuff ... then why the hell not buy a Windows laptop and get on with it?

At no point in my owning of a tablet or any other portable device have I ever said "wow, I would like to run the full bloated pile of crap which is legacy Windows" ... quite the contrary, I've found myself thinking "gee, isn't it great this now only takes 20 MB like it should?"

I'm just having a hard time thinking people really want this, or that we should be forced to buy Android devices with the specs of a desktop machine.

This just seems like it's taking everything which was good about starting from scratch on mobile platforms, and saying "oh, the heck with it, let's just turn it into a Wintel platform".

I figure this just leads to overly bloated installations of software which people don't really need on tablets in the first place.

What percentage of Android owners even remotely want any of this?

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