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Comment: Re:Keynes wasn't Keynesian (Score 1) 601

by Palpatine_li (#37346812) Attached to: Krugman On Bitcoin and the Gold Standard
Exactly! Krugman is just a Keynesian, not an economist like Keynes. It's just like Christians to Christ (the famous Gandhi quote). Plus, Krugman won his Nobel prize for what? Model building in macro( international trading, in fact), the voodooist field in an already voodoo study like economy.

Comment: How is it different from regulatory arbitrage? (Score 1) 84

by Palpatine_li (#37206970) Attached to: EFF Takes On Cisco's Role In China
Following the same line why not ban companies from hiring from foreign countries with lower minimal wages? Selling retired weapons to build theme parks, anyone? Why not attack the root of the problem which is an oppressive government? Oh, btw, borrow trillions from such a government is obviously not good for the protection of human rights, right?

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