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Comment: Unit of measurement (Score 1) 98

by Bromskloss (#40624299) Attached to: New Nanodevice Creates a Near Perfect Electron Stream

could cause a shift from the ampere measure of current to a smaller, more precise unit of measurement for electrical current

This made no sense to me, and it turns out that what the article says is that one might want to formulate a new definition of the ampere. What do the editors do, really?

Comment: Re:The English version is good for this (Score 5, Insightful) 462

by Bromskloss (#39818951) Attached to: 'Mein Kampf' To Be Republished In Germany

It's interesting that you mention left wing, because already when you said right wing, I wondered what you meant by it. I'm often fuzzy regarding what should be called one or the other (if the terms are at all relevant outside the French revolution), so I'm collecting samples of how other people use the words. Today, I'm sampling you. :-) What do you have in mind when you call Hitler the movement right wing? (Amusingly, we're talking about the National Socialist German Workers' Party, but what's in a name?) Supporting the crown and the estates? Dismantling the state ("taxation is theft")? Encouraging capitalism? Belief in Christian ideals? Those are traits that I see as characterising the Right in one context or another. (Though I don't see them as particularly representative of the Nazis.)

Comment: What is ITA Software? (Score 1) 93

by Bromskloss (#39792247) Attached to: Google and the Future of Travel

So, ITA Software makes an "airfare search and pricing" according to Wikipedia. Is there a big deal around this? Is that a problem that requires a sophisticated algorithm? I mean, how can you run a big company around this? If there is something technically interesting to it, it would be nice to know. (Also, it would be a motivation for bringing this story up on Slashdot at all.)

Comment: Re:Pedantic response ensues (Score 3, Insightful) 73

by Bromskloss (#39561381) Attached to: Swedish Researchers Expose China's Tor-Blocking Tricks

or ever flirted with someone using innuendo so skillfully that anyone observing mid-conversation would be unable to tell any kind of flirting was going on

Breaking one of the rules of grammar, say, by using while the way the Slashdot summary does, might be the means by which one conveys precisely that innuendo. If the speaker overall cares very little about the rules, I'm afraid no one would perceive their intentions as that subtle signal would be drowned in the flood of noise.

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