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Comment Re:CRAP! I have one of those. (Score 1) 301

I think only diesels older than 1990 (don't quote me.) are exempt. My 1989 Dodge diesel truck is dirtier than heck and doesn't have to get tested for anything. I have to get my VW tested every 2 years. My wifes gasser is exempt for 5 or six years I think. It's only a year old though. I just renewed my tags so I have a year to figure out what to do. Maybe somebody will hack a cheater program or I can move out of state which is looking like a better option than living in the People's Republic of Taxifornia.

Comment Re:Why does the U.S. hate diesel so much? (Score 1) 301

Most trucks are diesel and emit visible carbon smoke that riles people up. They think that it is polluting the air more when in actuality the carbon in the smoke is a solid particle and gets precipitated out of the air quickly. It's the stuff you can't see that is the problem.

My VW doesn't emit anything visible at all BTW and you cannot smell the diesel characteristic of many big trucks. The NOX may be a problem but I have yet to suffer from it at all and I HAVE asthma.

Comment Re:CRAP! I have one of those. (Score 1) 301

This is correct. I have never seen 42 MPG in actuality. I drive 75-80 mph on the highway so my mileage is more like 34 mpg. I can go over 500 miles on one 14.5 gallon tank of diesel which is pretty darn good for a car which has excellent performance and handling. Unfortunately my bladder won't go 500 miles so I have to stop at least twice without buying fuel for each time I do. I feel guilty about using the facilities so I usually buy a big diet coke which just fills my bladder sooner. Oh what to do???

Comment Re:Democracy is a failed system. (Score 1) 165

Thank you for saying my theory is strong. You have said nothing however to disprove it. There is ample historical evidence that shows that democracies eventually destroy themselves or become so weak that they are easily destroyed by invaders. The U.S. is very strong militarily but it's culture is weak and it's economy is one financial crisis from complete collapse. The people have voted themselves bread and circuses. Soon they will have neither.

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