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Comment: GWT (Score 1) 575

From the source: Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a development toolkit for building and optimizing complex browser-based applications. GWT is used by many products at Google, including Google AdWords and Orkut. It's open source, completely free, and used by thousands of developers around the world. You'll still need javascript eventually, but about 99% of my current (quite large) html5 web project is written in GWT. 10's of thousands of lines of code and hundreds of thousands of users, and it's quite rare that anything actually breaks. Go static typing and Eclipse tooling!

Comment: Re:Let me see if I understand (Score 1) 106

by Palantar (#31923794) Attached to: EA Launches <em>Ultima</em>-Based Browser Game

EA created its own Travian in Ultima setting?

Really? You found some Ultima setting? All I found was Travian. Even that intrigued me because I thought that no one would dare put stupid microtransactions in an Ultima game, so maybe it would be better than Travian. Then I hit the "Shop" button. Lord British rolled over in his grave/coffin/gilded mansion. You know, whatever they put game designers in who are done designing real games.

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