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Comment: Re:Not France vs US (Score 1) 251

It has been. The french government is democratically elected.

So then sex with Monica Lewinsky has been decided to be a good thing because Clinton was elected?

Not every action by an elected government is the will of the people or the "right thing". And given that people are arguing here that it isn't even protectionism, makes me think that it isn't as settled as you assert.

Comment: Re:Tippy explains the science of D&D magic (Score 1) 251

Ben 10 is one of my kids favorites. It's "magic". An incomprehensible mechanical device re-builds a creature, adding or subtracting mass from nothing. But it's "science" because the device says it works from DNA, even from creatures with no DNA (some of the crystal and liquid creatures have no cells, so it seems implausible they'd have DNA).

Sci-Fi can only be appreciated in retrospect. Jules Verne "invented" TV, CCTV, nuclear subs, SCUBA, and lots of other things by creating the ideas for them. Before it was even "plausible". Some other writers/stories did the same. Geostationary orbit was "invented" but a sci-fi writer as well. You can even call it a Clarke orbit, if you like.

Seems many of the sci-fi writers for an era were physicists that didn't have the ability to test their theories, so they documented them in fiction. Not like the sci-fi writers for Star Wars novels that are firmly in fantasy. It doesn't help when Star Trek skirts the line, with "magic" transporters and replicators and the ability to generate any type of particle in any type of polarization.

That and many of the apocolypse themes are magic or sci-fi based on your opinion. Truck Stop/Maxmum Overdrive. Was it Sci-fi, as the "cause" was extra-terrestrial? Or was it fantasy because they were magic?

Are Resident Evil zombies sci-fi because they give it a scientific excuse, but Night of the Living Dead (or Walking Dead) wasn't because there wasn't much in how they became zombies? I am Legend gave them a scientific cause.

There's no way to separate them. That's why so many mix them together. The plots and story wouldn't change if the work was converted from one to the other. "The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer" is considered by most (almost all?) to be Sci-fi. With a few minor changes, and the story would be the same, but it would be Fantasy/magic

Comment: Re:Not France vs US (Score 1) 251

Note, I didn't support/attack protectionism. But the idea that it's a [good, bad] thing should be agreed first, and separately considered whether the implementation achieves that goal.

So often I see people say things like, "protectionism is bad, but price controls to help smaller shops compete with larger ones is good." The cognitive dissonance is my main complaint.

Comment: Re:What the fuck are they supposed to do? (Score 1) 76

by Jeremiah Cornelius (#47444947) Attached to: Elite Group of Researchers Rule Scientific Publishing

What's the problem with being good at what you do? So there are 1% of researchers who are really fucking good at what they do. They aren't just good, they are REALLY FUCKING GOOD. They are top 1% good. They are THE BEST IN THE WORLD. So why should we be surprised that they have such an impact?

They are getting 99% of the academic tail, too.

Comment: Re:Difference between SF and fantasy, or lack ther (Score 1) 251

what difference do you see between "SF" and "fantasy"?

Fantasy is where the power is from some mystics who meditate on it and are part of some hokey religion. SF is where the power is Midichlorians or nanites or DNA. The settings and stories are the same.

Comment: Re:Hi speed chase, hum? (Score 1) 426

by AK Marc (#47444351) Attached to: The First Person Ever To Die In a Tesla Is a Guy Who Stole One

Again, there are options other than executing and chasing,

And you've not named any. Aside from 100% CCTV coverage, there's no practical way to stop someone without chasing them.

and you're an asshole for repeatedly arguing a false dichotomy to create a strawman out of what I said. Repeating yourself like a broken fucking record. Go fuck yourself twice.

And you are repeating yourself, and never commenting on anything I say that proves you wrong. Care to try? No, you are a lying piece of shit asshole.

The cop sees a speeder or stolen car go past. He pulls out and puts on his lights to stop the car. The driver takes off at 12,322 mph in a 30 mph zone. The cop, unable to pursue, pulls over and radios it in. The car, traveling faster than a bullet, rams a mall, killing 10,000. In this scenario, you'd blame the police for "chasing". The cop didn't "chase", but "tried to stop". What could the police do to perform their "regular" duties without ever trying to pull over anyone for any reason? After all, any attempt to stop someone by coming up from behind (the most common method, by far), could be considered a "chase".

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