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Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 1) 364

He said the salesman offered him a $15-per-month maintenance package that included service for oil changes, belt repair and water pumps. "I said: 'You know it doesn't have any of those things,'" Mr. Kast recalled.

Manufacturers need to step aside and bring prices down. With way fewer components than an ICE car, electric cars should cost much less. Yet the greedy car makers are charging more than an ICE car, go figure. The cost per mile for an electric car should be very less and that goes for road taxes as well.

The quantity of components does not determine the price. The COST of those components determines the price. A 300 HP Ford CE engine brand new costs about $2,800. A set of 4 25 HP electric motors is about $6,000. The battery cost is about $2,000, so the locomotive parts for an EV is about $8,000. Then there is regenerative braking, which is unique to electric vehicles, and I don't know what the price would be for such a system.
So, they are not just ripping you off. Electric motive technology is absolutely more expensive than combustion motive technology.

Comment Re:Allow me to predict the comments (Score 1) 73

Part of it is simply a matter of dongle-count. Yes, ethernet is absolutely needed; yes, the connector should be right there, physically secure. No, USB dongles to provide ethernet won't ever be on my list of things I'm excited to do.

It would be better - a lot better - if there was actual, reliable ethernet hardware on there, and I'd be more than happy to pay a few bucks for it.

The ethernet on the other PI's is not particularly reliable, and that, in my case, is the downfall of the whole enterprise. I have four pis. They all drop their ethernet connections from time to time. It's beyond annoying.

Comment Re: Easy solution (Score 1) 364

New cars don't need to be stocked. They may as well be delivered directly to the customers who ordered them. Only for second-hand cars there is some sense in having something like a dealership.

Yes, because people want to buy cars that they have never driven, or even sat in, or looked at in real life to see if they like the color, or interacted with the controls to see if they like them, etc, etc.

Comment Re: Easy solution (Score 1) 364

Fuck that. I'm not picking up and moving because the car dealers have bought off my legislature.

You move.

I'll bet the citizenry has more money than the car dealers. Buy the legislature back. My guess is that the citizenry either likes it the way it is, or if anything they are willing to complain about it, but not willing to spend the money to fix the issue.

Comment What about newspapers? (Score 2) 37

Do newspapers also need to censor their old microfiche and archived paper copies, and also go door to door destroying any old copies that people or businesses may have laying around, and to the dump as well? If not, then why just pick on google, and not all other forms of media? Also, they should probably destroy the memories of human beings that remember the accusations coming out on the news.

Comment Re:Laws Without Borders (Score 1) 37

The point is kinda to be able to erase FALSE history. What if google search by your name brings up the case where you were accused and convicted of killing someone whily driving under influence, but at the same time doesn't show the follow ups where the real culprit was found out and everything agains you overturned?

So instead of erasing what DID happen, they obviously have failed to report on the overturn, and that needs to be added to the index, or the original story updated.

Comment Re: Black boxes (Score 2) 364

The black box situation ebbs and flows. The car diagnostics apparently used to require a specialized apparently rather large computer at a mechanic to run through paces or maybe just for the code, I'm not sure, but now a car parts store will hook a handheld device up to the car to read the codes stored in the car and give you a printout of their values and meaning for free. My brother-in-law said he could fix her Kia based on the codes and explanations, what he already knew and what he could read off the internet. She had to pay $160 bucks for two coils, but look what a search turned up. I even just put in kia coil and it offered the other search terms.

Comment Re:Getting a car repair (Score 1) 364

Oh, want your car serviced? No problem, just conveniently schedule an appointment for 3 - 6 weeks out with our friendly regional call center representative in Bangalore. His name is Steve. Oh, and your service center will be conveniently located someplace within 50 miles of you where we can get cheap rent too. I hope the car will make it that far needing a repair and all. If not, I'm sure towing is pretty cheap too, right?

You sound like you've never heard of the independent mechanic that as far as I can tell, practically everyone who buys a used car takes it to. If it's cheap enough for someone who buys used and might not have the money for better, then it's cheap enough for someone who has the money to buy a new car too.

Comment Re:The takeaway is that Tesla is right (Score 1) 364

Dealers have a conflict of interest because manufacturers are dumb. Manufacturers have variable margins built into the cars that encourage sales. One would hope they line up with the maker's desires (or profits), but often they don't. And makers like GM that have $2000 rebates on everything almost all the time encourage buyers to avoid them when there isn't a sale.

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