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Comment: Re:File manager without file, edit, view.. (Score 2) 166

by Kjella (#49554253) Attached to: Debian 8 Jessie Released

Lol, angry gnussolini nerd. And the rest of the world with brains keeps not caring and happily uses Unity and Gnome-shell.

The rest of the world uses Windows and OS X on the desktop, Android and iOS on mobile and couldn't care less about Unity and Gnome-shell. Even Windows Vista got Linux beat on StatCounter. You can use the classic desktop paradigm that ~78% use (Win7 + WinXP + OS X + Vista), join the new touch paradigm with ~19% (Win8 + Win8.1) or you can go your own way. My impression is that they're trying to design a car driven by joystick because some UX designer thought it was better, what's tested and works is too boring.

How about winning over some existing, established markets before trying to chase the latest fad? And even if it's not a fad, open source never moves fast enough to be first because there's no overall leader. Sure you could slap Linux on a tablet like Microsoft did with Windows many years before Apple, but it won't work well until all the application developers feel having a touch UI is an itch they need to scratch. Sure we can have visionaries, but Jobs was a visionary with an army of developers to turn them into reality. A Linux visionary is a man with a powerpoint slide. Or actually a LibreOffice Impress slide, I guess.

Comment: Re:Why send it back to the same judge? (Score 1) 84

by AK Marc (#49553927) Attached to: Vizio, Destroyer of Patent Trolls
The appeals courts are not supposed to re-try facts of cases. They look at procedural errors, and errors in application of law. Once those errors are identified, then it should be sent down to a lower court for a re-trial. That's how it is supposed to work, and how it does work in most cases. Sometimes the points of law changes the outcome of the individual case, sometimes the don't.

For example, in Roe v Wade, Roe "won" at the Supreme Court, but lost the case because the delays in being granted the right to have an abortion took so long the baby was born before any retrial could have occurred (I don't know the timing, for all I know, Roe gave birth before the Supreme Court decision that would have allowed an abortion). But the individual case, and the points of law are not related, other than the one case to trigger the appeal is obviously in the set of cases affected.

Comment: Re:Restarted several times per week isn't that bad (Score 1) 307

by tompaulco (#49553497) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Most Stable Smartphones These Days?

Seriously, I restart my samsung a few times a day just to prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

If you can prevent problems, then you don't have problems. Stop complaining.

Yeah, buddy! And when they bend you over, don't ask for lube, just take it dry, like a man!

Comment: Re:Cannot really be done at this time (Score 1) 307

by tompaulco (#49553491) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Most Stable Smartphones These Days?

Give it another 2-5 decades and that quality-level may be reached. At this time, the smartphone software makers are just making all the mistakes that have been made on desktops.

A decade ago phones were stable. Now they aren't. How does it follow that by giving more decades things will improve?

Comment: Re:Blackberry. (Score 1) 307

by tompaulco (#49553485) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Most Stable Smartphones These Days?
I had a Blackberry Storm for awhile. It never crashed once. For me crashes only became a reality when I got an Android. I'd been used to the old dumb phones and the Blackberry, and I heard rumblings of people complaining of their Androids and IPhones crashing, but I didn't really listen. My brain didn't register that a phone could actually crash. A phone is a phone. Phones don't crash. Not even smartphones, or at least not my smartphone. It took converting to android for my senses to be dulled and my expectations lowered to be happy if my phone only crashed once or twice a month.

Comment: Re:The same as ever: Android (Score 1) 307

by tompaulco (#49553477) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Most Stable Smartphones These Days?

Superior technology = market share? That must explain why 90% of people use MS windows and 2% use Linux. Of course.

90% of people are not "using" an OS at all, and so Microsoft fits the bill perfectly. Linux is not really a great desktop OS, so most "users" don't use it. Many of those that do use Linux on the desktop are just neckbeards patting themselves on the back for being able to do the automated install of linux and the GUI (and probably Wine as well) and couldn't even figure out how to open a shell, let alone use it. As far as I am concerned Linux is the Microsoft of Unixes.
Microsoft also happens to make a much better server OS than their desktop offering. It is good enough that many people overlook the fact that Linux is free and will actually pay for a Microsoft Server OS.

Comment: Re: None (Score 1) 307

by tompaulco (#49553433) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Most Stable Smartphones These Days?
I don't know, carrying multiple devices might make sense if the devices perform their task well and the single device does not. Before I owned a smartphone, I literally never had a phone reboot on me. Rebooting is not a feature, it indicates that the phone is not working correctly and needs to be fixed or replaced. If no smartphone works without rebooting, then all smartphones need to be replaced. The absolute most poorly performing feature on any smartphone I have used is the phone, and the phone is not a feature, it is the primary function. If it cannot do that well, then the entire phone is rubbish.

Comment: Re: Is it the phone or the stupid stuff installed (Score 1) 307

by tompaulco (#49553389) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Most Stable Smartphones These Days?

My desktop computer's the same way though. Every 2-3 weeks it just needs a reboot to clean house.

My desktop computer doesn't need to be rebooted every 2-3 weeks, and no I don't run linux. Its probably your applications and not your OS that needs the reboot.

Comment: Re:Is it the phone or the stupid stuff installed o (Score 1) 307

by tompaulco (#49553363) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Most Stable Smartphones These Days?
My Droid S3 also had the similar problem of spontaneously rebooting every couple of days due to an incoming or outgoing call. And that reboot didn't clear the issue either. You had to Power Cycle it all the way off and then back on and then it would work for another couple of days. I am not in the habit of installing huge amounts of apps. I might have had 3 apps on that phone.

Comment: Re:Solar rarely enough for the whole house (Score 1) 267

by tompaulco (#49553077) Attached to: Tesla To Announce Battery-Based Energy Storage For Homes

24kWh/day = 24kWh/24h = 1kW. Which is a completely ridiculous amount of electricity.

How is that a ridiculous amount of electricity? That is about the amount of electricity a 1.5HP motor uses. That is about 1/24th of he amount of electricity required to charge a Nissan Leaf battery. You people love to chastise people for driving gas guzzlers, and then when people change to electric cars, you chastise them for using too much electricity. At least if we go back to driving gas guzzlers our electric usage will go down.

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