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Comment: Re:Top Advice! (Score 1) 411

Last time I completely quit smoking pot I was called into the boss's office.

'What's been going on for the last six weeks or so?'

'Nothing special'

'We've noticed you don't tolerate the idiots so well anymore, you can't tell them to think and expect results. Can't we just go back to the way it was?'

In that case I was using pot to cope with a shitty job and coworkers. The right solution was to move on. But I can honestly say; 'I've had the boss tell me to start smoking pot again'.

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The mythical; 1 glass of wine with dinner alcoholic?

Some definitions of alcoholic are incredibly broken. Do alcoholics really have a 75% spontaneous recovery rate? (75% of college students that would test as alcoholics spontaneously start to drink responsibly when their lives become more responsible!)

Comment: Re:$23k isn't crap to an oracle shop... (Score 3, Interesting) 80

by HornWumpus (#47551551) Attached to: Oracle Offers Custom Intel Chips and Unanticipated Costs

It wasn't so much a kickback, as an offer of a highly paid, no show job at Oracle after the contract closes.

At least that's what I've personally witnessed.

The company involved was under rate base, so they added 15% and passed it on to the electric ratepayers.

That said, Oracle financials? At least in the case above it was the DB. Everything else Oracle sells has _negative_ utility. You could get it done faster and more accurately with a yellow pad and slide rule.

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