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Comment Re:BT (Score 1) 67

"Making the Caller ID value "correct" would mean you couldn't dial it (it's a 4 digit number after all), and it wouldn't tell you who is calling you. Completely worthless.

It can't be made a DID since the phone has none."

I can tell you don't know jack fucking shit about CID. My old business extension would show up on CID, be it two, three, or four digits long. Internal routing systems can append that data before going outside, how the fuck do you think CID spoofing works in the first place?

Comment Re:For uninformed, article title is disingenuous (Score 2) 74

"making it NOT a neutral line."

Until some dumbass (Like I've seen in Texas) puts tied neutral/grounds too close to separated grounds, and wet ground conditions cause problems when lighting hits.

But hey, I've actually bothered with having to install full-building electrical systems. You keep talking.

Comment Re:For uninformed, article title is disingenuous (Score 1) 74

"There's a simple AC cable without ground"

In many, if not most USA electrical panels, neutral and ground are tied together at the bus. A separate ground is run (or tied to pre-existing metal plumbing going into earth) for the third prong. Even without the third prong, the general protection remains the same.

Still the same effect. This is essentially irrelevant unless some idiot wired hot/neutral backwards, and even then, the additional ground won't help much.

Comment Re:Picture is misleading, so is affected system de (Score 1) 74

Your article also goes against what has been common use for a decade-plus.

Every portable computer I've had comes with wall-cord-brick-cord-portable device charging scheme. Desktops still follow this convention once you decouple the idea of internal vs external.

Only my phones have wallwart-cord-device charging.

Comment Re:Cool! (Score 1) 446

"I suspect Einstein had a version of my own internal simulator, one he put to use more effectively than I. Given a strong grasp of physics in that era, he could have readily generated new theories based on a few seconds of examining a behavior in his head--a behavior which would be perfectly in line with reality, even if he didn't understand it--and start working out the mechanics."

This is exactly what I think. I sit here and look at various systems, supposedly unrelated to most people, and suddenly I see a relationship between them. This is how I came to the conclusion that light isn't a requirement for photosynthesis (I looked at the system as another energy generation system, noted it's a solar system, and figured out other things like sending power down the molecular connections to other systems,) just the appropriate energy exposure via another means would do the trick. Funnily enough, after a few years, I find out that others have had this thought, and have PROVEN IT, a couple of years before I could figure out the proper experiment to even begin an attempt at proving such a thing, let alone even thought of such an experiment.

Never underestimate the power of ones internal gut feeling/intuition. It has led to more unexpected turn-arounds in history than you can imagine.

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