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Next time they threaten you, shove the Telecommunications Act of 1996 in their face and go "I can take you to court over this, if you want to talk about some billing issues, assholes. We gave you billions in taxpayer dollars for a product you didn't deliver. Guess who owes who right now?"

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by Khyber (#48192061) Attached to: China Staging a Nationwide Attack On iCloud and Microsoft Accounts

See, I'm not ignorant like the rest of these morons writing stories.

What's happening right now is Anonymous and Corporate interests (the whole gamergate bullshit) doing DDoS attacks and penetration attacks. Corporate America (Merck and other companies) tossed a solid DDoS at Anon/Chan servers.

Anon said 'U wot m8?' and has brought about every botnet across every major ISP and host in the USA and UK that they have online, and have been attacking.

This isn't China doing shit, you stupid fucks. Get into the REAL security hotlines and learn what the fuck is REALLY happening.

Note: Give that URL 10 minutes to collect data. Watch how the USA is primary attack target and primary attack origin.

Get your fucking false flag bullshit out of here, and Slashdot editors need to start finding new jobs because they sorely suck at this one.

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by mbone (#48191099) Attached to: NASA Cancels "Sunjammer" Solar Sail Demonstration Mission

I'm raised protestantian, as Martin Luther defined it.
Certainly there is no trinity.

Uh, my understanding is that Lutherans subscribe to the Nicene Creed. So do the Baptists (Southern and otherwise), Methodists, Presbyterians, the Catholics and the Orthodox, and in fact every Christian church I have ever been in*.

The Trinity, and the divinity of Christ (that "true God from true God" part), is built into the Nicene Creed. It is a feature, not a bug. You may not believe in it, but don't go saying all those churches don't know what they are doing when they recite it.

* You will get bonus points here by intelligently bringing up the Filioque.

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by Khyber (#48184111) Attached to: Despite Patent Settlement, Apple Pulls Bose Merchandise From Its Stores

That's from a specific machine IN ANOTHER ISOLATED ROOM. You're only seeing the insertion aperture of the polarizer inside of the clean room.

Also, I hit the video record button while the screen was oriented in landscape, but the phone was facing downwards towards the floor and likely thought I meant to do it in portrait. As soon as I realized it (almost instantly) I just went with portrait since there was no way I was likely to get that happening again that day.

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by mbone (#48182389) Attached to: NASA Cancels "Sunjammer" Solar Sail Demonstration Mission

Well, it's an analogy. Generally, in the spacecraft case, the plug is just pulled, for a bunch of different reasons (which is why it doesn't happen all that often). In this case, L'Garde was trying to reuse a bunch of technology they developed for previous inflatable structures in space. This led to the sail inflation mechanism weighing more than the Sunjammer itself, which is not desirable, and likely not what you would do if you started from scratch. No new contractor would want to come in and try and make the L'Garde proprietary technology work, and NASA is well aware of that. So, there will be sails flown relatively soon, but they won't look like L'Garde's Sunjammer.

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by mbone (#48182265) Attached to: NASA Cancels "Sunjammer" Solar Sail Demonstration Mission

Oh, yes. FAME (to pick my previous example) absolutely deserved to be canceled. It hurt some people I have real respect for, but there it is. I am sure the current situation is pretty similar. (This is analogous to firing a contractor when they are halfway finished building an addition to your house - it is so messy and represents such a real loss of money, and also such a loss of face, that it is almost never done without some real provocation.)

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by mbone (#48182223) Attached to: NASA Cancels "Sunjammer" Solar Sail Demonstration Mission

It's worse than that. There are slugs, pounds and poundals, and (IMHO) anyone who doesn't immediately convert these units to MKS is just being silly.

Sunjammer was to have a total surface area of ~ 1,200 square metres, so its thrust at 1 AU would have been 2 x 1361 W / m^2 x 1200 / c ~ 0.01 Newtons (assuming the sail had a near perfect reflectivity). On the surface of the Earth, that thrust would be generated by a weight of 0.01 / 9.8 ~ 1 gm, or ~ 0.002 pounds.

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by mbone (#48182131) Attached to: NASA Cancels "Sunjammer" Solar Sail Demonstration Mission

while that was an absolutely stupid thing to do, its not really relevant to the topic at hand here now is it??

It's not even really true; it's just bamboozlement for people who want to be bamboozled. If you listen to the actual fracking interview, he says that his goals, on this particular trip to the Middle East include outreach to the Muslim world, including reminding them in their role in the development of science. That is a non-surprising goal for an official trip to a particular region. I have a news flash - at the recent IAC meeting, he congratulated the Indians on the initial success of their MOM Mars mission. I suppose the Telegraph will take offense of that too.

I have met Mr. Bolden several times, and had the opportunity to see him in action. He is an excellent NASA administrator who is seriously focused on "boots on Mars," not self-esteem initiatives.

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by Khyber (#48182115) Attached to: Despite Patent Settlement, Apple Pulls Bose Merchandise From Its Stores

ASRock tends to be better than ASUS. If we went beige box route, I could drop the price so far as to be laughable, even using some premium stuff like SuperMicro motherboards.

How about we run top of the line mac pro right now, since it's still their absolute top-of-the-line computer. I'm at $9,599 maxed out. 64GB RAM But only 1833MHz DDR3 (My motherboard was 2133 DDR4.) The Apple RAM costs $1200. I can get that same amount for $900.

On the GPU side, yes those are server cards, but that is still PCI-Express, and again, a single one equals dual W9000s. At 2/3 the price, and roughly 2/3 the power consumption. Throwing two of those in is a no-brainer and you're still saving a couple thousand, easily.

Thunderbolt 2 vs Thunderbolt - well, the only thing that needs that kind of bandwidth is the monitor, for now. But HDMI can do that off one of my GPUs, so I wouldn't even worry about that. It's almost useless, and I prefer dedicated peripherals anyways.

Apple charges too much of a premium, period. Even with the change to a beige EE-ATX box (which is still not that expesive) and flip over to a good SuperMicro board for $500 that can support 1.5TB ECC DDR4 Memory, comes with 4 gigabit ethernet ports, and more good stuff, I'm still sitting well under Apple's price.

Apple just costs too much. I could build one of these for workstation/OpenCL stuff and still have enough money to build a lesser one for gaming, for the same cost, and a whole lot more power together.

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by mbone (#48181779) Attached to: NASA Cancels "Sunjammer" Solar Sail Demonstration Mission

A vote of no confidence. I remember when NASA canceled the USNO FAME satellite - they said it was over the budget, but really it was over the management team. I expect that there is something similar here - fortunately, there is still NASA Marshall's Solar Scout, which is much smaller and cheaper than the Sunjammer.

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