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Comment: Re:Yeah, so? (Score 1) 59

by mbone (#47911161) Attached to: New Data Center Protects Against Solar Storm and Nuclear EMPs

Generally, in the data centers guarantees really mean that you get a payment (or a reduction in fees) if the guarantee is violated. (You might get 1 day's service fee off if you lose power for X minutes, for example). So, if it doesn't work, expect a reduction in the bill, as specified in the contract.

So, if you bet your business on something like this, you had better have a plan B in case of outages.

Comment: Re:How stupid do you feel NOW, Khyber? (Score 1) 244

Wrong. Raised cosine filters are not harmonic filters.

LC filters are harmonic filters.

Go home and come back when you can design radar guidance systems. Maybe then you'll have half a clue just how dead wrong you have always been.

Well, the fact you use Bing already shows just how wrong you are.

Comment: Re:No Khyber: On the SAME initial service (Score 1) 244

"(I used to install these "back in the day" long ago stupid)."

No you didn't, because we didn't use harmonic filters 'back then.' We used a cosine shaping filter 'back then' on analog cable modems. Ya, I used to work for Stream as a Time Warner technician, you nitwit.

Still wrong, as always!

Comment: Re:Khyber, after our debate on hosts? (Score 1) 244

Uh, yea. Charter.

Magic trick? Get different services that require different boxes (cablecard/net, phone/net, super-speed net.) Then swap out boxes with your own (excepting phone/net modems.) Then cancel in a specific order, leaving only the internet up. All boxes have internet access. Dual 100mbit and a 60 mbit line, for the price of 60 mbit plus phone.

You're so useless it's funny. What're you gonna do, threaten to sue me for libel when your sorry ass has no leg to stand on being proven time and time again that your outdated shit is exactly that, outdated and useless?

Comment: Re:This must work by MAC addresses... apk (Score 3, Interesting) 244

This is APK

A clueless, witless idiot that uses threats to try to get his way.

Tactless, incorrect (the fact he mentions MAC addresses of modems proves he doesn't know jack shit, when that only identifies a gateway device, not an actual user, much like an IP address,) clueless, bull-headed, autistic child without a fucking clue. This is why he has to post AC on Slashdot and why he is banned from Wikipedia.

Comment: Re:Right: It's WHY I noted ISP's being "tied in" (Score 1) 244

"What you mention is WHY they have you register any modems you buy that aren't theirs into THEIR network (for tracking purposes)."

I haven't had to register the last two devices of mine. In fact, that's why I've got two full-speed connections for the price of one.

Comment: Re:real problem is patent and copyright length (Score 1) 110

by Khyber (#47897233) Attached to: Software Patents Are Crumbling, Thanks To the Supreme Court

"If you can't make your profit in 5 years, then your product was never very good in the first place."

I could think of several exceptions to that. Music that was way ahead in style for the time and age in which it was produced is just the first one that pops into my head at the moment. Need coffee.

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