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Comment: Alternative to Systemd (Score 1) 112

by PaddyM (#48814021) Attached to: Facebook Targets Office Workers With Facebook At Work Service

"You can get more stuff done with Facebook than any other tool that we know of"

Sounds like a candidate. Let's use Facebook at Work for Linux startup management.

Kind of like how we all use the Lifestreams interface for our OS's with much improved workflow.

Comment: Car Analogy (Score 3, Funny) 303

by PaddyM (#48727645) Attached to: Anthropomorphism and Object Oriented Programming

Lets say you're a traveling auto salesman, and you would like to sell your cars to different stores around the state. You could either drive each car, one at a time, to each assigned destination and hitchhike back to your starting point (always with a towel). Or you could come up with an algorithm for taking all the cars, putting them into a truck, and finding the shortest path that visits each auto store, saving gas and giving you the street credibility to comment on the appropriateness of OOP vs procedural languages. Then, after having spent a more fulfilling life than most people by being so efficient, you can watch as people invoke your name, and come up with a poor analogy which doesn't really explain OOP vs procedural languages that shows up on Slashdot.

Comment: Yeah, well im going for 950 (Score 1) 441

by PaddyM (#48655397) Attached to: How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years

got 2x2 of every animal in my ship, global warming making the oceans rise. growing a beard. still my discussions with the architect of intelligent design were insistent that since I still see rainbows after it rains, the age covenant is still in effect. I need to find a lawyer, but there aren't any in libertarian fantasy land. otherwise I think I have it all figured out.

Comment: Re:Fad (Score 1) 196

by PaddyM (#48516799) Attached to: IoT Is the Third Big Technology 'Wave' In the Last 50 Years, Says Harvard

would you pay 1100.00 for a refrigerator without IoT or 900.00 with? how about car insurance for 800.00 a year without IoT or 500.00 a year with? and hey, how come himmy32's fridge never tells NYPD ^H^H^H^H aunt may what he's having for dinner? maybe he's storing something other than food, probable cause and defending society from malnourishment what not.

I wish I were so wrong.

Comment: Re: Don't wear a watch... (Score 1) 415

by PaddyM (#48274649) Attached to: How Apple Watch Is Really a Regression In Watchmaking

Not that it would ever happen, but the idea of Tim Cook going to WWDC and pulling out the obvious pocketwatch plus a flip out Keyboard that does exactly the same thing as an iphone while still requiring an iphone to actually communicate makes me laugh. Bonus if it actually looks exactly like the Nokia twist.

I guess I'm laughing now, but the genius would be how the old school chain is replaced by some carbon fiber shape memory wire that makes yo-yoing more accessible for everyone.

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." -- Karl, as he stepped behind the computer to reboot it, during a FAT