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Comment: It the UK, you insensitive clod! (Score 1) 407 407

As a Scotsman, it is my duty to say "England" is not interchangeable with "UK". Even in the published piece from Educational Testing Services the term *actually* used is "England / Northern Ireland". While Nothern Ireland is a part of the UK, calling it out alongside England only adds to the slight. The possibly non-existent / mythical Scotland and Wales are many times larger than Northern Ireland but clearly down't merit a mention. Scotland hardly has any tech workers anyway, just little things like Grand Theft Auto are made here, no biggie. I'm calling the United States "California" from now on. "Hi, I'm Andy from New York" "Oh, a Californian, how exotic. Welcome to Scotland!"

Comment: Specifics for 4G (Score 3, Insightful) 259 259

First - Good choice of University destination! The natives are friendly (most places).

Regarding 4G coverage, as others have mentioned, Edinburgh and Glasgow are well served for 4G and will certainly be fine around the campus areas.
Other uni towns:
  • St Andrews (my home town) will have mobile delivered by pigeon once a week...more accurately you'll get 3G but no 4G at all.
  • Dundee (my current home) has 4G coverage if you are on EE (T-mobile) but no other provider
  • Aberdeen seems to be EE only for 4G too.
  • Stirling (my alma mater) has patchy 4G if you are EE.

I'd recommend EE for best coverage over here, I'm on Vodaphone and get great 4G in Edinburgh but fuck-all (some local patter for you there) in Dundee, Stirling, and St Andrews.

Hope that's some use, best of luck to your daughter at uni - I'm sure she'll love it.

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