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Comment: Re:aelig (Score 1) 95

by Paaskonijn (#29010115) Attached to: Encyclopedia Britannica Loses Information-Retrieval Patent Ruling
While I full-heartedly agree that British spelling is the preferred spelling (you'll want to go for 'misspelt' next time btw ;) ), I can't follow your argument that there's any relation whatsoever between the spelling and the pronunciation of a word.

For an obvious example, look at 'to read' and 'I have read'. Or explain the difference in writing between 'to keep, kept' and 'to leap, leapt'.

Comment: Re:Not new (Score 2, Insightful) 330

by Paaskonijn (#28989007) Attached to: Ubuntu's New Firefox Is Watching You
Here's what the Linux Mint's lead developer had to say when they did the same thing:

The highest single source of revenue for Linux Mint isn't the donations, it isn't ads on the website, it is the default start page in Firefox. This simple search plugin is estimated to generated from 2 to 40 times more money than the start page itself.


I know I won't be disabling this extension. It's a no-effort, free-as-in-beer way of supporting my favourite OS.

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