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Comment Re:Climate trolls consistently misleading (Score 1) 319

The costs of mitigating climate change are unobtainable, not insignificant. To put it simply, major carbon emission reduction is not obtainable without a central world government. Any major solutions can and will likely be mitigated by an application of the tragedy of the commons - a country or many countries, realizing it can 'get ahead' by ignoring carbon reductions. The only options to prevent this are centralized world governments with fangs or an authoritarian push by a world power to control the world, both unobtainable.

This is why I'm focused on mitigation by technology. Crush the cost/KWH of carbon by creating technologies that are better, develop structures that can adapt to the change, develop seawall tech to prevent change. If we look at how fast humans have adapted in the past, I am confident that we will be able to adjust in the future.

Comment Re:"...need to be prepared..." (Score 3, Insightful) 382

I think his point is that a lot of the alarmism seriously damages the ability for AGW proponents to reach people. Cities are quite fluid creatures, and as long as the seal level rise doesn't make specific sections of land uninhabitable overnight but rather in a 10-20 year period, we can plan for it and react timely. Of course, this doesn't account for problems like the severe weather you mentioned and a Katrina-level event, but we have completely different systems in place to deal with the more severe changes associated with them ("National Emergeny", aid injections, etc).

There's a lot of people who aren't deniers that anything is happening, but just don't see a reasonable solution available that would prevent the problems we anticipate happening. Our global society is simply too fragmented to apply and enforce a stop or reduction in CO2 PPM. So, we focus on damage prevention rather than problem prevention - what technical solutions can we come up with over the next 30 years that might make this problem, not a problem at all. Or, what problems are something we can adapt to on a normal time scale with our current setups. This latter category is one that I and many others think the "sea level rise" problem falls into, and feel that people terrified of New York City magically being underwater in 100 years drastically underestimates human ingenuity.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 192

They have a budget surplus and rainy day fund? Good, how about they pay off their damn $7b unemployment fund deficit. Businesses employing people in Cali are getting screwed by their unemployment insolvency - if you don't pay back your loans to the fed, the fed increases unemployment taxes on businesses every year. This year, we're going to be at 3x cost.

Comment Re:Probably will just make our jobs harder (Score 1) 109

22 years and you haven't found a non-shitty employer? Ever think that something about your location or that location's culture is perverting the companies you can choose from? Its not the companies, "hundreds" are few and far between. It has something to do with your selection process, or if you're in management, your ability to corrupt a company.

There are plenty of companies willing to provide good pay for regular hours.

Comment Re:Account should not try to "get knowledgeable" (Score 1) 87

Knowing how things are accomplished in a neighboring field that interacts with yours is a HUGE boon, primarily in terms of communication. We have home-grown systems, and some of the bugs that prop up in a user-facing environment are absolutely hideous and show-stopping to anyone who understands how the system is used, but to an IT guy its just a minor bug that can be worked around. We haven't had solid functionality from one of our main cross-check reports for a year because of communication issues between IT and Finance on its importance and what the bugs are causing. If the IT people understood the user's perspective more, or the managers/users were able to convey the technical coordinates of these bugs more clearly and described the negative effects more precisely, I think the system I'm talking about wouldn't be such a nightmare. It also negatively effects union labor relations but that's another wrinkle for another time.

Specialists need generalists to be effective. A specialist organization without some generalist insight may be precise, but their precision may be aimed at the edge of the target rather than the center.

Comment Google fiber fears? (Score 5, Interesting) 253

I live in Charlotte, and Google Fiber is on its way here as well as in nearby Raleigh. Lo and behold, I get a notice in the mail last month that TWC is increasing all our plans by 5x capacity, so I went from 20/1 to 100/5 at the same price.

Well, that's great, but...you'll only increase capacity once there's a threat? And its so cheap to do that you'll not increase prices and finish the roll-out less than 6 months from Google's announcement? Really inspires tons of customer loyalty there, Time Warner. Jackasses.

Which brings me to my point: If this rollout by Comcast is true, is someone finally getting out IN FRONT of Google Fiber, not just being a reactionary twit? Maybe, just maybe, someone is learning that customers are switching not only because of your product but because you treat your customers like crap?

I think I'm too idealistic. That would make way too much sense for the telcos to think of it.

Comment Re:Why not just pump in sea water? (Score 1) 96

Not even just the building location, but the rent. Harbor space is EXPENSIVE! Limited docking space options, maximum need. We're talking billions to have space to dock large vessels, as an example. The cost per acre is probably an order of magnitude higher, or more, than an inland data center.

Comment Re:Missing an option. (Score 1) 311

It looks like they took some of our ideas into consideration, which is surprising and a positive turn:

1: The poll now maintains its page position in the story queue, regardless of age. Its right below the first set of ads, same place as it was yesterday for me. I'd discussed this in another poll thread with someone who pointed out poll participation dropped significantly since it got less visible/continuous exposure than it used to. Hopefully this will fix that.

2: They added a proper indicator to the side of the subject (it says POLL now). A big complaint of many people was its lack of differentiation, so that's fixed now too.

Seems like a decent compromise - All that's changed now is the poll location, not other important factors (identifier, visibility duration).

Comment Re:I am the first to support this... (Score 1) 54

But, the MoU that the CCS and their CEO, and I expect SEO, EOC, PSS companies, PABs are all locked up into the same thing. It's obvious that the MOoP will go to the aforementioned people and organisations. There needs to be a PAOE regarding this decision which essentially equates to UVL giving Oracle PAPT. In the olden days, PO effectively influenced the issue of PMCs and if a PMC was enacted there would be a public outcry. Perhaps if people were given more fact then PAPT, MOoP and ESAs would be less prevalent. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the case.

17 acronyms in 5 sentences. Is that a new record?

Seriously though, as someone in another industry who doesn't know almost all of these acronyms, I couldn't tell if I was reading a joke or not.

Comment Re:How about developers supporting 3d? (Score 1) 147

Along with what other posters have mentioned, I think rendering may be an issue. Most of these games play around 30FPS at full resolution, split screen didn't crush performance too much because it didn't increase the rendering space/detail level, where using 3d to 'duplicate' the screen would actually double the rendering space. If I'm thinking about this correctly, "Split Screen" 3D would either require halving the framerate for each player or cutting the detail level dramatically to maintain high enough FPS. So, either 15FPS at 720p or 30FPS at 480p.

Comment Re:Fat Shaming (Score 1) 206

Mine does something a little different, probably a better implementation in my opinion. They don't do the screenings anymore (they did a long time ago) but now they offer to pay your last 4 yearly insurance premiums if you get a physical before August. The physical is with your normal doctor, and this is information your insurer would have ended up seeing anyway.

Comment Re:Fat Shaming (Score 1) 206

This is one of those cases where the logical conclusion could possibly actually be way off base. The obese and chainsmokers may end up with lower medical costs over their lifetime. Why? They die earlier. I was all in with you until I learned this unusual bit of information. Now, this article doesn't delve into average age of death, so it could be that they're dieing way earlier on average and the lower costs aren't offset because of shorter insurance premium pay-in duration at lower life expectancy, but it does debunk charging employees in some cases double for insurance if they are smokers.


Disclaimer: I don't smoke and find it absolutely disgusting. Still doesn't mean I have to like the insurance 'smoker fee'

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