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Comment Re:136 lbs? (Score 1) 178

They wear special g-suits to somewhat constrict blood flow. When they perform G maneuvers they do have to flex and hold certain muscle groups, including their breath and take in small gasps of air - think constipated shitting - to keep blood from rushing out of their head and blacking out. So yes, for this reason, tall fighter pilots are rare and smaller pilots are typically better performers.

You wouldn't think it, but fighter pilots do have to stay in great shape and take an absolutely ridiculous toll on their body from what they do. I had a teacher, retired air force pilot, who looked about 15 years older than he looked pretty worn out. That constant G exertion on the body does serious damage to blood vessels.

Here's a short demonstration of the kind of training they do, I'm sure you can find more if you look around. Looks pretty awful.

Comment Re:As a dentist, I'd like to explain a few things (Score 1) 558

Not a dentist, but just wanted to chime in on this one too.

I drink those G2's as well, typically when I work out, and they tend to add about 10 more minutes of productivity to my workout. However, after workouts I do know that you already have some increased acid production in your stomach even without that gatorade. It can be significant enough in my case to end workouts. My mouth feels funny after workouts regardless of G2 consumption, and with G2 its more noticeable, so what I do is brush my teeth after I take my shower after a workout anyway.

I do know an alternative though: Protein shakes. All of the serious gym rats drink a couple of sips of a homemade protein shake instead of gatorade. I personally can't be assed to make it before a workout because I like it cold after a workout, blended with ice. Not sure if its better for the teeth or not, the dentist would have to answer that.

Comment Re:Donna Ford is racist (Score 2) 444

I've always wondered what it would be like to grow up in a household where family traditions haven't been passed down. Just think, your parents learned from your grandparents who learned get the picture. Then you come to the AA subset of the populations, where Africans were taken forcibly hundreds of years ago, families broken apart, and lived doing manual labor with no true family until slavery was abolished, destroying family traditions. I'm not talking about traditions like a Sunday dinner, I'm talking about how you call your mom up when you have a baby and look for guidance. Some people didn't have that and had to make it up as they went along, and I think it shows through with some of the family unit issues.

Comment Re: How much will it cost. (Score 2) 396

Or, she's fairly normal as a nice neighbor and you're the exception. Possibly because you're a cynical asshole know-it-all and no one wants to associate. Claiming to know what everyone in your office does on their spare time with their vehicles is incredibly pompous.

No one wants to borrow a car, everyone wants to borrow a truck, especially people with big yard projects. Most people I know who have trucks, actually use the trucks, and all of them have helped others with their truck. Of the who guys with the bigger trucks that always look clean, one has an RV and one has a boat.

But, if demonizing people who own trucks makes you feel better, keep on keeping on. And for the record, I own a standard commuter and have received truck help twice, once from the mother and once from a neighbor.

Comment Re: How much will it cost. (Score 1) 396

Let's be fair here, when you own a truck, you will never only use it for grocery shopping. When you own a truck, you become everybody's best friend. Towing, furniture, and lawn supply requests from neighbors become a regular occurrence, almost weekly. If you aren't helping directly, they'll definitely ask to borrow the truck for a day or two. I never owned one, but my mother did for her business - she couldn't have been happier the day she got rid of it for the very reasons I mentioned.

Pickups tend to end up partly as community vehicles, and because the person who has one sees it get so much use, a lot owners want to keep it around for that reliability. There are a lot of daily towing and carrying needs in the suburban community lifestyle.

Comment Re:Group work in school (Score 1) 307

The only way to beat this situation is good leadership, something woefully undereducated in early schooling. If you take over the leadership role quickly, divide the work out based on your expectations of the members including pairing who you think will work OK together, and still divvy yourself a big portion to ensure success, you can manage to win these situations. If you don't have the charisma to do it naturally, your best choice is an appeal to authority. Estimate time to complete each task and then volunteer for one task yourself, giving them no choice but to fill the other tasks themselves. The fact that you're introverted and seen as 'smart' gives your time estimations a veil of authority.

Really, what wins these situations is the ability to be a manager, not necessarily an extrovert.

Comment Re:Two major problem with phone benchmarks (Score 1) 213

While this article is targeted as a chip review, I can't really get behind the idea of outlawing 3d game benchmarks on phones based on pixel resolution. In any case like a desktop where the screen wasn't a big part of the device, I can get behind what you're saying, but with phones its not like you can simply swap out the screen. I think it should be tested because no matter how good the processor is, it doesn't matter if you don't scale the phone performance demand properly. If your processor is pushing a screen with 20% more pixels than it can handle and constantly throttles itself or lags, that would show up in these tests, and that's the metric that matters most.

Comment The elephant in the room... (Score 1) 250

Gaming, up until about 5-7 years ago, has always been heavily dominated by males. Mobile games and Facebook games have made it more socially acceptable for girls to game, whereas previously it was a "boy" thing. Based on the extremely high percentage points in all the game categories, its likely a simple polling of all kids instead of kids who responded to a gaming-specific survey. As such, the decreases may be somewhat artificial - more people are identifying as gamers because of casual games rather than significant playerbase reductions on consoles and PCs.

Comment Re:I almost puked ar SIGGRAPH (Score 1) 90

Oddly, the weirdest one for me is the sensation when you get off a treadmill, so its essentially the opposite of VR - no visual sensation of movement but physical sensation of movement. However, many people report that the sensation I experience gets less frequent and of lower duration the more often you do it, so maybe there is some truth in the idea that we'll adapt to VR if we do it a lot. I would imagine that any adaptation would result in dulling the senses associated with inner ear balance, which would be interesting to say the least. Society full of clumsy dolts.

Comment Re: Gravity (Score 3, Interesting) 163

Gravity introduced the average Joe to the concept and danger of space debris, and reintroduced the fact that there is no sound in space. This along with simple things like how momentum works in space with things as simple as a spinning astronaut, while finding a way to make it entertaining. Interstellar, while having a lot more of the fi part of sci-fi, focused heavily how theory might apply in practice, like on relativity and tesseracts and how other planets might look, while also addressing the thought of some that we need to diversify our species survival by expanding into space.

If you have to do significant research to understand a concept before seeing a movie, the movie failed. If a movie is so dry and dull that it lacks viewership, it fails. These two movies provided clear communication of some science concepts without being a lecture, and are amazing examples of great communication in sci-fi. They are sci-fi with light true science bases that touched a large audience and made them think while entertaining them. I think this is a wonderful thing. It's much better for the minds than sci-fantasy stuff like star wars.

Comment Gravity (Score 4, Insightful) 163

People didn't expect Gravity to do as well as it did. This paved the way for Interstellar and The Martian. There is a big market for these kinds of movies that was untapped for quite a while, and its finally getting quite a few good developments.

While its just a movie, and a lot of it is drama oriented, a key in all these movies is that they limit their plot choices via science to some extent. A lot of recent sci-fi movies decided to use science as a dues ex to do whatever the hell they wanted instead, which removes the focus from the science entirely and turns it into just an action movie in space. Its a very different approach that produces very different results, and in my opinion, good results. I like movies that make you think.

Comment Re:I said "No, I won't put that code in." (Score 1) 569

If you work for a company that tolerates these kinds of management ethics, you should pack your bags immediately. There are good managers and good companies that do the right thing, thinking otherwise and working for said corrupt company is simply a rationalization and coping mechanism out of not making the hard and right choice of leaving the company.

Case in point: We recently got a benefits decision for a closed location. After looking at the numbers, we noticed they were 10% lower than they should be because of a decimal error on step 3 of the calculation. What do we do? We tell them, fix it, and pay more - the correct amount for the rules in place. This comes on top of discovering a tax mistake not caught by the gov't for 3 years. What do we do? We fix it and pay more.

Dirty companies are not the norm. Working for a dirty company plays tricks on your mind, and makes you think they are the norm because there is no other way to cope in that shitty job.

Comment Re:To everybody bashing gaming laptops... (Score 1) 90

As long as you're fine having your desktop on all the time, the steam gamestream mode actually works extremely well. I built a HTPC and stuck a high end graphics card in it for couch gaming, but soon after, they made their gamestream service respectable. I moved the graphics card into the desktop and SLI'd it and instead used on-chip graphics for the HTPC. The HTPC played games as flawless as before using the streaming with better quality b/c of more power on the desktop. I'm looking forward to the steam link boxes coming out, and recently sold that HTPC for a pretty penny.

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