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Comment Re:invite more people in? (Score 4, Interesting) 547

The U.S. Melting Pot has one big thing that these other countries lack: a lack of history. People in the US are not resistant to their immigrant compatriots adoptiong American culture, and in fact readily share it. Most European countries like Italy, Greece, France, and so on, have a hidden yet obvious nationalistic bias tied to heritage. In France or Italy, you will never become a true Frenchman/Italian as an immigrant even if you adopt their culture, whereas in America, the Indian who Americanizes him/herself is applauded rather than shunned.

In Europe, ethnicity is closely tied to nationalism, and the borders are drawn accordingly. That is not the case in the US because the only native ethnicity available is one that was sadly wiped out.

Comment Re:Stupid Question... maybe? (Score 1) 138

I think you're suggesting if maybe they just hammered away to butcher a dead animal?

No one in this thread really addressed it clearly, so I'll explain. They can tell if a wound/break to the skeletal structure happened before or after death. Its similar in nature to breaking a branch off a living tree vs breaking a branch off a dead tree. The breaks are completely different.


Comment Re:star wars movies are loss leaders (Score 1) 562

Even with the money made, the investment is still in the red. Remember, they paid $4b for the rights.

You're right that its not a loss leader, but its not going to be worth the investment on the movies alone. We're taking needing a $6b profit by 2020 for the investment to make sense, and they're not going to make that just on the movies.

Comment Re:"English, history, and civics"? (Score 1) 242

Agreed. While I actually had an amazing civics teacher, he certainly wouldn't be suited to teaching this. The history teachers would fare even worse: of all the teachers I had, the most irrational and ridiculous teaching methods came from US History and World History. In one class, we spent 50 minutes copying notes verbatim from the overhead and if we used shorthand we'd end up losing 10% of our grade on the notebook test.

Comment Re:a dirty little secret (Score 2) 159

A bigger dirty little secret: Some CEOs are brought into failing companies not for rebuilding, but to make the declines manageable. A failing company diversifies via M&A's with what little money it has, then sells parts on a yearly basis to prop up the P&L while shrinking the company. This is often the real plan but the CEOs can't really divulge it or it'd go bust. It helps the shareholders because their stocks don't become worthless overnight. It helps the employees because the layoffs are more gradual and the job market doesn't get flooded. It helps the economy because the economy doesn't tend to react well to large crashes of large companies. Its about distributing what wealth is left in the company to other companies that can use it without crushing the shareholders overnight. Big drops, like Lehman, cause panic and problems.

Comment Re:deBeers will buy them out. (Score 1) 119

Diamonds are extremely cheap to mine in volume, so its unlikely that any artificial methods of creation would beat them on cost. Current artificial methods such as CVD are only profitable because of the jewelry industry and the artificially inflated value of diamonds, so it could see niche use if it shows better cost and results than CVD and high pressure methods.

Even if we were to get high quality diamonds in high surplus to use for jewelry, they'd still be somewhat expensive. Why? The cut is a specialized labor intensive skill process that can make or break a diamond. A lot of the price comes from this expensive process.

Comment Re: 60% tax (Score 1) 160

You are correct, in a sense. This is done to give parity to self-employed vs someone who works for a company. When you work for a company, 7.65% of your required match is paid directly by your employer and not in your paycheck at all, so your gross would be 7.65% lower. The 7.65% reduction to income and the lower employment tax figure is to make it fairer for self-employed, and as to not require them to create an LLC just to be treated on an equal tax burden. You're still "taxed" at 15.3%, but half of that tax is not considered personal income but company expense - hence the income reduction, and income deduction. This is how they combine both employer and employee tax into the same (SE) return without making it overly complicated. If you were to have to file a separate return for your farm company, its just more paperwork for the same result.

Its still beneficial to incorporate for other reasons, but it shouldn't be a necessity for everyone - this seeks to keep it that way and not flood the system with millions of personal LLCs because of unfair treatment.

Comment Re: 60% tax (Score 1) 160

You can't deduct fica taxes from fed taxable income, they fall under the same level (fed taxes) and thus use similar taxable buckets (albeit with different exemptions allowed). If you did, it would create a feedback loop. Some local taxes like property tax reduce income, or you may have been thinking about the bush tax holiday, where the percentages were lower by 2%, or thinking about a sole proprietorship aspect of income taxes on your yearly return. Paying fica taxes at a fixed percentage per paycheck/quarterly is a must requirement or you'll get smacked with under withholding and potentially penalized. There are deposit rules that trigger based on cumulative amount withheld. It doesn't matter if your yearly return says 10k due and you paid 10k over the year, if you didn't pay part of it after q1 at 2500 youre gonna get penalized.

The way to factor in income deductions is via the withholding allowances on your income tax (w-4).

Comment Re:Why emojis/emoticons are in Unicode? (Score 1) 262

I've found one surprisingly useful aspect of emojis. Emojis tend to be visual representations of actual things or feelings, whereas letters or glyphs are visual representations of a language. This means Emojis are actually one level removed from language, allowing them to be used easily across languages by people who could struggle communicating.

Texting or IMing someone who speaks another language and adding emojis actually makes it significantly easier to communicate. For example, a messaging conversation at work can go much smoother with someone from S.A. who has poor English if you add smileys every so often indicating your mood. It may seem unprofessional, but it can actually provide information someone couldn't process otherwise because of lack of familiarity in the language.

Comment Re:Devs continue to develop for these gimped thing (Score 1) 143

GP is so far off its unreal, you hit on most the marks. An additional one is that many games simply can't be played with controllers. I mean, Dota 2 and LoL combine for ~20m unique players a month by themselves? Top-down RTS/MOBA style games are hot garbage with a controller, as are most strategy games, most simulation/city builder games, and most MMO games.

Comment Re:60% tax (Score 1) 160

He's pretty far off, 20% or so depending on the state. Assuming $100k, he's paying 15.3% in SS/MED, and ~21% max on Fed tax. State taxes at that income are usually around 4-6% at most, so 42% worst case scenario before income deductions.

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