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These ships don't work like that. If anything, it will usually carry less than the max. The rating is based off of a arbitrary weight for each container which is about half the max weight per container. If overloaded or loaded incorrectly, they can list or even split. Here's two pictures of things that can happen:

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Look up the Emma Maersk. E class and EEE clas are different designs. The E class is around 15.5k TEUs.

Whats really mind boggling about these things is the kind of odd issues you run into engineering them. They've gotten so big that you see bowing in the halls during rough seas becaue the halls are so long. It creates odd engineering issues, having to account for a possible resonance with the wave frequency causing a catastrophic failure and severely reduced lifespan due to stresses on the hull if not designed properly. 14% is a really large improvement when you realize they're sitting on the edge of materials capabilities.

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Its no longer economical to build these ships in the West, as you said. Maersk, the purchaser of these ships, actually owned a shipyard (Odense) in Europe which it used to build its original E-class ships. Shortly after, that shipyard was put out to pasture. All of the major cargo shipbuilders are located in Asia, like Hyundai Heavy and Daewoo. These things take a lot of labor to manufature.

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Remember, competition in the car sales arena has pushed them to thin margins over the past few decades. The reason for the auto crisis follow-on to the recent recession was because the major manufacturers were using base models as loss leaders and only making money on premium models, addons, parts, and auto loans.

Dealerships often don't make money on the new car sale, but on the financing terms. The second item in that list is service, which dealers make a good penny on. Electric cars require virtually no service and are thus not beneficial in the long-term existence of the current dealership model. If every car was a tesla, the dealership would just be a glorified sales floor with no additional service revenue.

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I'm as much of a lawn guarder as the next guy, but what? The ADHD spike really showed up in the 90's, well before this stuff existed or was commonplace. My stepmother's son has ADHD, born in the early 90's, and she's practically a luddite when it comes to technology.

If anything, I think it would have more to do with a double income household. The uptick aligns more with the lack of stay-at-home parents than with technology. I'm not surprised children don't get the attention they need when mommy and daddy are working 8-5 and burned out trying to keep up with the Joneses.

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Incorrect. It indicates respect that the other person, a male, generally has to get off every so often for physiological reasons. Its not about jealousy, its about wanting to be part of your partner's sexual fulfillment. People in love don't go down on one another so that the other will reciprocate, its because we enjoy seeing the other person's exstacy.

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I type faster on a membrane keyboard too, I think mainly because the keys are lower. I sit my wrist down on the wrist rest, and the height of mechanical keys tends to cause problems and miskeys for me. I have somewhat small hands, so maybe that's a factor. Arching my fingers a lot can cause me to miss the top row, and I don't rest my fingers on the home row like I should, I 'float' my hands above the keyboard and use muscle memory to do the key travels, with only my index fingers acting as guidepoints.

That said, I do find mechanical keyboards better for gaming. I bought one and was dissapointed with the typing aspect, but could actually tell the difference in the responsiveness over a membrane keyboard because the key registers prior to a full-press. Sound was a concern for me, so I bought one with rubber bumpers so its not unbearably loud.

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Maybe you can answer something for me. Why did you focus on those sites? What was it that had you drawn towards them?

I actually find those advertisements for Christian Mingle very off-putting, and it bothers me a lot. I'm agnostic, and looking at commercials that say stuff like 'find god's match for you' makes me feel really upset. First, I find them invoking god for advertising very hypocritical for what they're trying to do. It reminds me of the movie Kingdom of Heaven where the corrupt crusaders incite a mob to do what they want by shouting 'God wills it!"

Second, it seems to condemn me as unfit, even though I stick to my morals and the golden rule far more than most Christians I know. It makes me feel like the site owners feel that being a Christian makes someone a good person, not that a good person is sometimes a Christian.

I find that isolating oneself to a specific group only creates and echo chamber and can heavily distort behaviors because there's no third party 'check' against them, so even an agnostic only dating site would be extremely off-putting to me. I want a good person (I'm currently with one) regardless of beleifs, not a person with beleifs regardless of behavior. In this sense, I find trends like this extremely disturbing. It only makes our country more divisive, and the further people drift apart, the less likely they are to reconcile and meet somewhere in the middle.

What do you think?

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This is correct. The business I work for had to do the same thing. We had different divisions that had different core competencies that synergized well, but having them joined at the hip made it impossible to diversify. Customers looked at you with disdain because they thought you'd treat them like a second class citizen to your sister company. Truth was we wanted to diversify because all parts of the business were simply too reliant on the one big customer, and it made the companies worse. Separating our company learn to compete with others in their core competencies more effectively and be less effected by the downswing of one specific division. It also removed preferential treatment.

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Power and manufacturing limits of today are usually self-imposed on future tech. In the cases of current sci-fi, there's usually a main 'battery' similar to old school battleships. Whose to say they couldn't have an array of 100 lasers of different sizes for different ranges, or have adaptable optics able to change the aperture size? Only the future will tell.

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They become so invested in their delusions that their delusions are what make up a significant portion of their identity. When they think about themselves, they think about their stance on the conspiracy first and foremost. For them to recant is to recant a portion of their identity. This same behavior happens with severe addiciton and in some cases depression where they grow to embrace their dark/morbid personalities. Its also why its practically impossible to discuss religion with the religious.

The further you go down the rabbit hole, the harder the walls of the echo chamber become.

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My company does some business in Argentina, and that's the primary concern. I remember a meeting some years ago where the risk factor in Argentina was so high entirely because of politics. The best comparison would be like doing business in Venezuela. You never know if your assets are going to be randomly seized tomorrow and your company dissolved and turned into public assets.

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