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Comment: Re:Computer Science and Computer Programming (Score 1) 141 141

There is a gulf difference between what I consider Computer Science and Computer Programming.

Actually, a good CS degree is built upon a knowledge of computer programming. And the latter should be a prerequisite for the former.

It's like asking an architect to prepare a design for a building who cannot read blueprints. I don't expect the CS to have the same experience or productivity as the bricklayer. But I do expect them to understand the process and advantages or limitations of the materials selected.

Comment: Re:The cat is out of the bag (Score 1) 90 90

It's already too late for us early adopters.

I don't know about that. Google, Facebook and other services 'real names' policies are a relatively recent feature of on-line services. Back when I began setting acounts up, I used throw-away e-mail addresses, pseudonyms and other tactics which are increasingly discouraged. Having put my files and other info. out there encrypted, I feel relatively secure in knowing that all a service provider will have to sell is unintelligable binary blobs.

Comment: Re:loud vocal minority (Score 1) 300 300

At some point, you may become angry enough about something to stand up and shout, too.

The trick is to get angry about something that makes a real difference. I can bitch about continental drift all I want. But nobody is going to follow my bumper sticker's advice and re-unite Pangea.

Comment: Re:What a lot of horse?shit (Score 1) 300 300

How do you know you're not just as wrong now as scientists were about tectonic plate theory?

We could be. So we construct telescopes to observe and get closer to the truth.

Tomorrow you might suddenly find out the Native Americans are right after all.

If someone looks through the telescope and sees the goddess holding up a sign that says, "Get off my mountaim" we will comply.

"Ninety percent of baseball is half mental." -- Yogi Berra