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Comment: Re:Design flaw? (Score 1) 71

by PPH (#49804925) Attached to: Third Stage Design Problem Cause of Most Recent Proton Failure

Isn't that what QA is for?

That depends on whether you have implemented some sort of feedback to engineering from QA. If you start to se some variance in the dimensions (or other parameters) from a manufacturing step, even if these are still within tolerances you can see if there is a correlation to increases in problems in service.

Comment: (Score 3, Informative) 127

by PPH (#49799133) Attached to: Hacked Emails Reveal Russian Plans To Obtain Sensitive Western Tech

Being slapped with massive fines is usually pretty good motivation for a company.

Some years ago, Boeing was slapped with $500 million in fines by the DoJ. Within a few weeks, the Pentagon cut Boeing a check for .... $500 million for "additional expenses".

When you are the only source for some hardware, you don't pay fines. The taxpayer pays fines. And sometimes, you even make a profit on the transaction.

Comment: Re:Ok So What About (Score 1) 220

by PPH (#49798835) Attached to: Chinese Nationals Accused of Taking SATs For Others

I mean imagine if you'd do this and that person went on to become a CEO?

The person you are standing in for is probably the son of some PLA general. And you still have relatives in China. So you will be returning and the general's idiot kid will be attending Harvard. And going on to be a CEO.

So, yes. This is typical executive behavior.

Comment: (Score 1) 127

by PPH (#49798699) Attached to: Hacked Emails Reveal Russian Plans To Obtain Sensitive Western Tech

Doing business with unknown, shady companies

Otherwise known as a free market economy.

Punish these companies how exactly? Refuse to give them any more US contracts? Then they just move offshore and serve the Chinese, Russian, Indian and other markets openly. And that's one less source our military has. If you can identify individuals within these companies that knowingly sold to restricted customers, perhaps you could throw them in prison. But in my experience with DoD contractors, you'll either get a sacrificial goat or they will wreck their own companies defending the good old boy network.

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