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Comment Re:Israel's stockpile (Score 1) 92

Not really. What this shows is operating reactors and detonations. Materials stockpiles don't show up. And even if we can see a reactor, we can't tell the difference between research, power production and plutonium production. We'd still have to do in-person inspections to see if materials were being refined to weapons grade concentrations.

What it does reveal is the operation of undeclared reactors. So we know where to send the inspectors. But if a country hasn't signed the NPT, we have no grounds for an inspection anyway. Israel can do what they want (since they haven't signed). But the USA can't sell them certain types of technology. So the people that would be in be trouble would be us, not Israel. For selling them restricted technology.

Comment Re:I find it amusing (Score 1) 103

since the vast majority of Linux applications

UNIX applications in corporate environments. Linux being the desktop. At least Cygwin/X will still support TCP while you clowns gut Linux. The desktop was a neat dream while it lasted.

Comment Re:I find it amusing (Score 1) 103

install both X11 and wayland and run one or the other

And what happens when some major app switches to the Wayland libs, leaving X networking behind? Sure, there's an X compatibility layer. But given the attitude of Wayland supporters ("nobody networks clients anymore, so lets throw this stuff out") I don't anticipate support for that feature to be long lived.

There are too many people running around, both in the systemd and Wayland camps who think that, because they don't do something or understand it, it just doesn't need to be done. Why don't we all take up a collection to buy them GameBoys or XBoxes and keep them away from important systems stuff?

Comment Re:sTEM (Score 1) 186

I would have took away the 2 credits of history and put them in Math.

But then you run into Bubba the jock. Who expects to move up through academia and receive the credentials necessary for a leadership roll in society. "I was told there would be no math."

Science is what happens when preconception meets verification.