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by PPH (#48430009) Attached to: Does Being First Still Matter In America?


What we need to do is our best. Unless it involves some winner-take-all competition (like the Cold War was. Maybe.) we need to stop looking over our shoulder. Or lamentng the fact that we've been passed. Who cares if Europe is better at hurricane forecasting? Can they use that against us? I doubt it. We need to be as good at that as makes sense economically. We can't save every mobile home, damn the cost.

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by PPH (#48397889) Attached to: Former Police Officer Indicted For Teaching How To Pass a Polygraph Test

He really needed to stop at "I can teach you to beat a polygraph"


Joking aside, you never get involved with the clients' motivation behind wanting this sort of information. It's always 'for educational purposes only'. If someone walks in and says, "I want to take your class because ...." you just respond with, "Shut up. None of my business."

Aside from lying to, or assisting in misinforming federal officials, this guy could have been a party in a civil case. Where a client came to him to seek help in beating a polygraph used in a civil fraud case.

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But its not just Congress. We have the laws in place to thow these bums in prison. What we don't have is law enforcement and prosecutors wiling to make a case.

We need to bring charges against the DoJ for turning a blind eye toward these sorts of activities and maybe throw a few of these people in their own prisons for refusing to uphold the Constitution and the law of the land. Perhaps then we'd get some movement on thes issues. But we have to ask permission from the government to bring charges against it. And we know what that answer will be ahead of time.

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