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Comment: Re:Bunker Oil (Score 1) 309

by PPH (#47419535) Attached to: Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

Unless countries start pushing out nuclear barges, a highly impractical solution,

Why impractical?

Every few years, some crackpots roll out a proposal for a 'neighborhood' scaled nuclear reactor. Or a sealed unit you could bury under a house and forget, just big enough to power the house. Perhaps its about time to revisit the design of economic nuclear ship propulsion. Its an order of magnitude less whacky.

Comment: Re:This is just naming confusion (Score 3, Insightful) 47

by PPH (#47416267) Attached to: DHS Mistakenly Releases 840 Pages of Critical Infrastructure Documents

Isn't there supposed to be some gov't office or book of code names to ensure that secret project names are not re-used? Someone looks up 'Aurora' and sees that this was declassified years ago. So they upload it to the public site. Whoops.

I'm doing a study on architecture in New York City. I think I'll call it the Manhattan Project.

Comment: Re:Signals (Score 1) 137

by PPH (#47416023) Attached to: Physicists Spot Potential Source of 'Oh-My-God' Particles

Unless the particles aren't the message but the means of communication. Maybe they form some kind of field mechanic communications bridge to enable instantaneous communications?

So that would be like needing to make a phone call immediately. And then standing in line for the next version of iPhone.

I'm certain that advanced civilizations have evolved beyond this kind of behavior.

Comment: Re:I got my 24% discount from snapshot (Score 1) 341

by PPH (#47411949) Attached to: Here Comes the Panopticon: Insurance Companies

Hmm. Yet another application for my OBD II emulator. Plug the Snapshot module into it and have it report back my sedate driving profile .... selected from a menu in the emulator software.

Originally, I thought its only application was to report back "All OK" when I take my smoking stink bomb through the state emmisions test.

Comment: Re:Lots of false positives ... (Score 1) 415

by PPH (#47407625) Attached to: Police Using Dogs To Sniff Out Computer Memory

So now they have that dog. Think they won't find other things for it to do? Pretty soon, you take the dog on a walk through a parking lot and demand to search on every car it alerts on. Given the popularity of keychain USB drives and digital camera SD cards, this could become an excuse to search everyone.

Sure, it makes a warranted search easier. But its possible that the dog might miss things that a careful search executed by a human could catch.

Comment: Monthly filing (Score 1) 74

by PPH (#47407417) Attached to: Blue Shield Leaks 18,000 Doctors' Social Security Numbers

I'm going to guess that these filings are done electronically. And that the information provided must fit some sort of pre-arranged schema. Back in the old paper days, a form with labeled fields to be filled out. So if some moron ran a SELECT * to populate the report, the state should have rejected it as not being filled out properly.

Or is this one of these reports that the state requires but never uses? Something that has been done by tradition but everyone has forgotten about the reasoning behind it. So it just gets filed (and posted to a public server these days) with no further thought.

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