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Comment Re:Where are the round-abouts (Score 1) 203 203

i've seen more intersections in europe than round a bouts. a lot of americans want to walk into the street without paying attention and then complain why the world doesn't revolve around them

If I walk into the center of a round about it will look like the world is revolving around me.

Comment Re:No filter is truly effective (Score 1) 269 269

Spammers don't send out spam to piss you off, they send it out to make money. No amount of filtering or criminal prosecution will change that; in fact it generally just increases the total volume of spam that traverses the internet continuously.

If you want to make a difference on spam, you need to go after the only thing spammers care about - money. The most effective tactics ever used against spam have been the ones that prevented spammers from getting paid, nothing else - not even the sum total of all the filters ever installed worldwide - has had an impact even remotely near it.

Stop thinking about filters an start thinking about solutions.

Since you dismissed the two (IMHO) best ways to keep spammers away from the money, let's hear your solutions instead of lecturing and challenging others.

Comment Re: that's funny... (Score 1) 368 368

The argument isn't about being paid or not but rather, how much. Apple isn't refusing to pay at all. But simply treating royalty as "if we get money, you get money". I see nothing wrong with this model.

What TFA did you read because it isn't related to the topic of this article/conversation.

Comment Re:not interested...unless. (Score 3, Informative) 281 281

One real problem is once you "upgrade" to Windows 10 from say Windows 7 - there is no going back Having checked it out on their website, My Windows 7 copy is no longer registrable.

The free program Advanced Tokens Manager allows you to back up your activation and reapply it at as many times as you want.

Comment Re:Just refuse the new gear (Score 1) 224 224

Too bad you're getting modded down and I don't have any mod points to give you a boost. What folks don't realize is that their point may be valid but that language and tone will cause their post to be skipped over or dismissed. Without those four words I would have moderated the GP insightful.

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