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Comment Re:Try it for yourself! (Score 1) 818 818

And why should I give a flying f**k what Britain thinks of my country or its flag? I'm really tired of being sold out to the rest of the world. They shouldn't have a say in who gets to be president, nor of anything else with regard to how my country exists.

Comment Zealots of different spots (Score 2) 947 947

The US used to be great. It used to be the land of opportunity. Now, it's the land of the petty, the vindictive, the greedy, the power-hungry and the entitled.

The never-ending debate about evolution (which is clearly evident to anyone with a brain and at least 1 eye), will never be settled. Religious organizations (pick your denomination) refuse to give up control of their sheep. True science threatens that.

Meanwhile, the science zealots refute Faith, even though they can't disprove it using their own vaunted methods.

It boils down to a simple matter of agreeing to disagree and allow others to live their freaking lives as THEY choose to.

Federally funded school systems should stop playing politics and trying to control people with textbooks. Present the main theories and let people think for themselves (or not).

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